Bellew-Chilemba II: Tony admits his frustration heading into Saturday’s bout

By Boxing News - 05/21/2013 - Comments

bellew345By Scott Gilfoid: WBC Silver light heavyweight champion Tony Bellew (19-1-1, 12 KO’s) admits that he’s almost powerless when it comes to his opponent for this Saturday Isaac Chilemba (20-1-2, 9 KO’s) in their rematch at the O2 Arena in London, UK.

Bellew wants Chilemba to slug with him, but he feels that it’s not going to happen unless Chilemba chooses to fight his fight and just stand there throwing shots. That’s probably not going to happen because Chilemba’s not stupid and he’s not going to fight a primitive caveman style just because it helps Bellew out.

Bellew said to Sky Sports News “To make a great fight happen it takes two to tangle and it takes to guys who really want to make a fight. I am willing to play my part in it. It is whether he is willing to play his part. The real difference on the night is my output and this time I’m not going to stop after seven.”

Oh brother, look at the excuses flying out of Bellew’s mouth. Bellew’s still crying about Chilemba fighting a smart fight last time and not wanting to just stand there mindlessly slugging for 12 rounds. If Bellew wants one of those types of opponents then he’s going to need to step backwards in competition to some of the domestic fodder that he built his inflated resume on.

This is world class now with him facing Chilemba, and he’s not going to get the kind of fight that he was accustomed to getting in the previous years in his career. This is the big time now, and he needs to forget about the fodder that he used to fight and focus on the talent that he’s going to be in the ring with on Saturday.

Bellew thinks he messed up last March in the Chilemba fight because he stopped throwing punches after the 7th round. He says that he took the round off and after that he couldn’t get back in gear for some reason. The reason he couldn’t was because Chilemba took over the fight and had Bellew backing off after he got a taste of Chilemba’s speed and power.

Bellew says he’s going to keep pressuring and throwing a lot of punches on Saturday night so that he can win. I think if Bellew does this he’s going to get knocked out or knocked down many times. I don’t think Bellew will take the risk. He’ll start running once he gets smacked in the puss real hard.

That’ll change his outlook on the fight and send him in reverse mode for the remainder of the fight. I see this as a replay of their last fight with Chilemba dominating the last 8 rounds. I just hope the judges get the scores right this time because Bellew should have lost last March.

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