Manuel Charr: I will end Deontay Wilder’s career

By Boxing News - 05/21/2013 - Comments

charr435By Scott Gilfoid: #8 WBC heavyweight contender Manuel Charr unloaded on American heavyweight contender Deontay Wilder (28-0, 28 KO’s) with both barrels on his twitter account seemingly for no reason other than to get a reaction from the 6’7” talent.

It’s kind of strange because Charr is supposed to be fighting David Haye after he finishes healing up from a hand injury. I guess it’s easy for Charr to trash talk Deontay when there’s no possibility of them fighting.

Here’s what Charr has to say about Wilder: “I want you Wilder, easy sparring for me and win. Wilder will feel Arabian Bombs my friend. Wilder is a pu**y. He doesn’t want to fight anyone who comes to fight and win. I say it again, I will end career of Wilder and Haye within three months. He [Wilder] is scared to fight someone who has the heart and fights like a lion. I know that Wilder doesn’t want to fight the best. Wilder, you are next. I will fight you. Dear fans, my next two victims: David Haye and Bronze Bomber.”

Man, Charr was long-winded as heck, and this was just a taste of what he was saying. The guy kept droning on and on and on. He must really want to fight Wilder something fierce, I guess.

It’s too bad Charr has a fight coming up with David Haye at some point because that would be a good tune-up fight for Deontay to face Charr. This would be a slaughter. If Charr thought he had it bad in getting taken out by the painfully slow WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko last year in a 4th round TKO loss, just imagine what it’ll be like when the much faster, stronger and younger Deontay gets in the ring with Charr.

Charr’s situation is bad because he’s going to have to wait ages for Haye to heal up before he’s ready to get in the ring, and chances are things may go badly for Charr if he’s unable to blitz Haye in the first three rounds. If he can’t get to Haye by then, he’s going to lose. At that point there’s no chance of Charr getting a fight with Deontay because he won’t waste his time with Charr.

I can see Deontay poleaxing Charr with a big right hand if that fight takes place. I wouldn’t expect Charr to retire off the loss because there are so many easy opponents for him to fight in Germany against C level heavyweights with names that hard to pronounce.

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