Is Amir Khan elite?

By Boxing News - 04/30/2013 - Comments

khan55By Saqib Khan: Well this question needs to be broken down and explained in parts. First of all I have written numerous articles on Amir Khan, positive articles which have been pro Khan.

The Fight with Julio Diaz was the worst performance by Amir Khan to date. There was no plan on how to approach Julio Diaz, and his jab was nonexistent. The speed was awful with no power; it was like Amir had put a lot of mass with no strength or speed. If the pound for pound rankings was based on heart Amir Khan would be number one because he has the heart of a lion unfortunately it does not but on ring general ship and the right tactics and the right fitness for fights.


Amir Khan Defence was a joke. He kept on getting caught with the overhand right which Diaz feinted. Amir Khan bogey punch the hook caught him again; Willie Limond, Breidis Prescott, Maidana, Garcia, and now Diaz have all landed hooks whether they are left or right. It seems Amir Khan does not understand the art of boxing how could “a punch” have put him down again and again.

Tennis ball chin tuck

Amir needs to learn to keep his chin tucked in. The legendary Bernard Hopkins uses this method and rarely gets hit clean. Learning this technique and to throw combinations like Amir does is difficult but this can only help Amir, because Amir always leaves his chin high and wide for a hook.

Alex Ariza factor

Whether you hate him or love him Alex Ariza is a great strength and conditioning coach. Under Alex Amir khan had his best performances the pounding he took from Maidana in round ten and stayed on his feet. The sharp jabs and power he showed against Judah in which he annihilated him in four rounds. And the onslaught he took from Peterson and still stayed on his feet. THE FACT IS UNDER ALEX ARIZA AMIR KHAN HAS NEVER HIT THE CANVAS. A proper team would have realised that Alex ariza is essential to team khan, whether it was down to pay? How can they sack him? If khan would have lost to Molina or Diaz it would have been curtains. Amir Khan without a conditioning coach was better against Molina he was ripped not muscular and threw fast powerful combinations; if khan wants a chance against Garcia or the top boys in the division he needs the rigorous training of Alex ariza. Not a coach who will get him a beach body but a coach who has a track record with elite MMA fighter and boxers.


Amir Khan Opposition is better than expected, Danny Garcia looked great against Zab Judah he used his brain and threw the right hand as a form of jab to keep Judah at bay. He looked fresh and ripped to the core with power in both hands. Lucas Matthysse is probably the most dangerous fighter in the division with one punch knockout power. If Amir Khan fights the way he did against these fighters it could be all over within four rounds.


It is painful to write this because I am massive Fan of Amir Khan but Amir Khan is not an elite fighter and he was very lucky that the fight with Diaz was not a draw. Amir Khan has not improved since the he dismantled Zab Judah rather he has gone down in skill level and body physique.

Glen McCrory prediction might true of retirement because if Amir Khan does not fight the winner of Garcia vs. Matthyse/Peterson or a top world class fighter then it he should pack his bags and retire. Him fighting Julio Diaz and veteran fighters is not Amir khans career path. He needs to fight a top world class fighter next to prove to the world that Amir Khan is back as an elite fighter. Thus far with this strength and conditioning coach and the mentality that he is in the same league with Floyd Mayweather and the top elite fighters has deluded khan, He needs to get back to the basics and get the best possible team around him, to give him the best possible chance of getting to the form he showed against Judah.

A move to welterweight division would be hazardous for Amir Khan because the big boys in the division can punch. He needs to avenge either Lamont Peterson Loss or Danny Garcia loss, to bring back some credibility to Amir Khan’s career then he should move up.

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