How to make the greatest heavyweight champion that ever lived?

By Boxing News - 02/19/2013 - Comments

johnson4248By Tony Crooks: There are many ingredients to make the ultimate heavyweight champion. There are a number of factors that are needed, firstly, a good chin, and you also need good boxing skills, durability, heart, endurance, hand speed, good defence and physical attributes and a killer instinct.

So how do you create the ultimate heavyweight champion of the world? Let us start with a good chin, if you can’t take a punch and you will take one at one time or another; you are on an uphill struggle. In my book, Oliver McCall had the best chin in history; there are others like Marian Wilson, Larry Holmes, Joe Bugner and Vitali Klitschko and of course the great Ali, but McCall gets my vote.

Let us look at the hardest punchers; I am going to give this one to Earnie Shavers, never a champion but was feared for his punching power. When it comes to boxing skills, you have to look at Tyson, Lewis and Ali.

This one goes to Ali without any doubt. Moving on to endurance there is only one winner here and that has to be Jack Johnson purely on the fact that he would fight so many rounds. When it comes to physical attributes, this one has to go to Lennox Lewis because he was so imposing in the ring.

When it comes to hand speed there is only one winner and that is Mike Tyson, his hand speed was devastating. Killer instinct has to go to Jack Dempsey with Tyson close behind but I think Dempsey just edges this one.

Defense is the most important aspect of boxing as we all know; the best in the business was Jack Johnson. Heart, I have to give to Jim Jeffries. Last of all is durability and that accolade is given to Muhammad Ali. Here is my ultimate heavyweight champion of all time.

Hardest Puncher: Earnie Shavers

Best Chin: Oliver McCall

Physical attributes: Lennox Lewis

Endurance: Jack Johnson

Boxing Skills: Muhammad Ali

Hand Speed: Mike Tyson

Heart: Jim Jeffries

Defense: Jack Johnson

Killer Instinct: Jack Dempsey

Durability: Muhammad Ali

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