Top Rank vs. Golden Boy and the loser is us the fans!

By Omar Torres: For years now both of boxing’s top promotional companies have kept us from watching match-ups that were potential classics fights. While Top Rank and Golden Boy gets richer matching up their own stable fighters, we the fans are the ones that lose, we the fans who pay our hard earned money to make these promotional companies what they are today and we the fans aren’t getting the share that is owed to us, which is the fights we want see.

All of this; because people are greedy and just want money for themselves. A Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao (which both play a huge role on the fight not happening) fight in their primes would of been an epic battle that would of brought super bowl type ratings and money, and also the great debate that all boxing fans have today would’ve been put to rest. Now we might be stuck watching two washed up fighters in 2014 or 2015 if that, because its been reported recently that Bob Arum said it’s unlikely that the fight will happen at this point when he was asked.

A lot of people like to put the blame on Bob Arum for everything and it’s easy to point the finger at him, but really I blame both sides. The mega fight that was, isn’t the only fight not being made by these companies, Top Rank and Golden Boy want nothing to do with each other and because of that top fights aren’t being made and may not be made for a while. On top of that both companies like to cherry pick opponent for their top fighters. Ask yourself this, when was the last time a top elite fighter from Top Rank has fought an elite fighter from Golden Boy?

Maybe top established fighters should do what Miguel Cotto is doing which is being a free agent and working with both companies because Cotto now has more options to fight more fighters from both stables if he chooses to. Hopefully something will be done about this someday, maybe when the promotional companies realize that they may not get a chance at a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao type mega-fight for a long time and maybe when they remember that the fans are what most matters and our interest in this sport is what matters because that interest is what’s going to bring boxing back to its glory days.

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