Lemieux vs. Torres on February 8th in Montreal, Canada; Pascal shoulder problem

By Boxing News - 12/17/2012 - Comments

lemieux1By Allan Fox: Middleweight project David Lemieux (28-2, 27 KO’s) is scheduled to be back in the ring on February 8th against the powerful Jose Miguel Torres (26-5, 23 KO’s) at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. The 23-year-old Lemieux has won his last three fights all by early knockout since losing back to back fights against Joachim Alcine and Marco Antonio Rubio last year.

Lemieux’s handlers want to find him opponents that can give him some roads so that he can build up his stamina for fights that go past five rounds, as well to teach him to box. In both the Alcine and Rubio fights last year, Lemieux started fast, and looked good, but then ran out of gas by the 6th round and took punishment.

It may be that Lemieux will never be a fighter that can go past a certain point in the fight without running out of gas completely. George Foreman in the early part of his career was one of those types of fighters that either knocked you out early or would fade late. However, Foreman still had a big advantage in that he was often much taller and bigger than his opponents, and he also a powerful jab to control fights when he would tire.

Lemieux is only 5’8”, and his jab is nothing special. He can’t fall back on his size or his jab when he fades, so it’s going to be a lot harder for him.

Lemieux seems to be okay with the fact that he’s not getting in a lot of rounds in his one-sided fights against low quality opposition. He said to Fightnews.com “I’m not disappointed in not doing many rounds. I’ve been doing many rounds in the gym.”

That sounds good coming from the 23-year-old Lemieux, but the problem is sparring isn’t the same thing as a real fight where they have smaller gloves and no headgear. Lemieux goes all out looking for a early knockouts all the time and this in turn leads to him fading in real fights.

I think Lemieux needs to realize that he does need to get rounds in with his fights because he’s not going to improve his stamina knocking out the easy opposition that his team is supplying him. Lemieux is supposed to be using these fights to learn from by having the bouts be extended, because that’s how you learn from fights.

Jean Pascal has MRI done on his injured left shoulder
Former WBC light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal had an MRI done on his left shoulder on Monday to find out what kind of damage occurred in his left shoulder last Saturday night in his fight with Aleksy Kuziemski in Montreal.

Pascal got his left arm caught on the ring ropes when he was attempting to throw a left hook and it injured Pascal’s arm. He was forced to fight the remainder of the fight using just his right arm.

On Tuesday the results of the MRI will be learned, according to Fightnews.com.
Pascal has a fight scheduled with Chad Dawson in March, and that one will have to be canceled if any serious damage is found in Pascal’s shoulder.

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