Amir Khan needs to get back to basics

By Kakram - 12/17/2012 - Comments

khan4321By Jamil Akram: Watching Amir Khan (27-3, 19 KO”s) taking on a handpicked opponent Carlos Molina (17-1, 7 KO’s) left much to desire for. I can understood why his team picked this opponent to get his confidence and credibility back. Being a fan of Khan ever since he first put on the gloves, I have always rated Khan for his skills and performances but  being a household name, being over confident and  walking into the ring as a a champion back fired. Any good talent fighter never goes in the ring like a champion but an underdog.

I think Khan biggest opponent is his mouth and mind. He should just stick to what he knows best and that is boxing. Everything else should be left to his management team. Putting additional  pressure on your self and this time in your career does not help.

If khan can go back to the basic,learn with hunter as a new apprentice khan will go far and regain his loses.His defense will always be against him but the way hunter speaks of him it got to get better.

I really hope Khan can come back from his losses. As I already said, I am not hugely excited after his performance as he did what he had to do and he would of bet anyone on the night, but how long can he keep that up for that’s the Question.

Team Khan should consider Josesito Lopez before they think about a rematch with Danny “Swift” Garcia, as mentally Garcia will be hard to break so Khan HAS to get his basics right.

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