Mosley picks Bradley to beat Pacquiao

By Boxing News - 06/06/2012 - Comments

Image: Mosley picks Bradley to beat PacquiaoBy Chris Williams: Recently retired Shane Mosley is picking Tim Bradley to pull off an upset this Saturday night against WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao in their Top Rank pay-per-view clash on HBO. Mosley feels that Pacquiao isn’t looking as good in his sparring sessions, and seems to have lost something in his game.

Mosley told RingTV “He [Bradley] wins on points…Bradley has the look in his yes like ‘you’re not going to beat me.’..Pacquiao has a different attitude…But his [Pacquiao] sparring sessions have not been as good, and he’s looking a little older and he doesn’t see as hungry.”

Mosley feels that if Bradley can get through the first four rounds of the fight without getting hurt, then he sees him winning this fight. He basically sees it as a fight where if Bradley can take Pacquiao’s power, he’ll beat him by a decision by getting the better of him with his determination. I agree.

If Pacquiao can’t do anything in the first four rounds, then he’ll lose the fight. But Bradley has to make sure that he wins at least two of the first four rounds, because if he gives Pacquiao the first four rounds, he’ll be in too big of a hole to win enough rounds to get the decision. Pacquiao will be at his best in the first five rounds, but after that he’ll start showing his age like he did in the Juan Manuel Marquez fight last November.

All Bradley has to is come out on even terms after four, and he’s got a great chance of winning the fight if the judges score the fight correctly. If they watch Bradley’s excellent work on the inside, where he blasts away at Pacquiao’s midsection, then they should give him the decision.

I think Bradley’s body punching will be the key to this fight, because that’s Pacquiao’s biggest weakness – taking body shots. He’s been stopped once in his career from a body shot, and he was badly hurt by Antonio Margarito when he landed a hard body shot in their fight in 2010.

Bradley is an even better body puncher than Margarito, and if he can make sure he throws a lot of body shots in this fight, he could get a stoppage. He obviously can’t just throw body punches, because that will leave him vulnerable to Pacquiao’s head shots, but he can mix in more than enough to possibly get a stoppage of the Filipino.

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