Boxing: Attention Networks!

By Boxing News - 06/08/2012 - Comments

Image: Boxing: Attention Networks!By Tim Wathen: With the heavyweight division looking more promising than in years where are the Networks? I hear all the boxing experts complaining that Boxing needs it’s heavyweights but it’s heavyweights need it’s experts to support them. I can think of 6 fighters right now that Showtime, HBO or even NBC sports could build an exciting super six tournament around and draw world attention by involving fighters from around the world.

Lets just throw in the up and comers and see what happens. My six would be Seth Mitchell, Deontay Wilder, David Price, Tyson Fury, Robert Helenius and Kubrat Pulav. The reason I chose these fighters is b/c they are the future of the heavyweights. They are ready for the next level. There is some serious punching power in these names and if matched properly they can really draw in some serious heavyweight attention. I would not mind if they all fought one more fight with fighters similarly ranked on the same cards. 3 fights a card on back to back weekends(do you hear me Showbox) and then kick off the tournament.

The middleweight super six was not without it’s issues but it drew a lot of attention to the division and the best fighter did come out on top and some of the guys who lost stayed relevant. If the networks pony up the right amount of money and take a risk they could really turn around the heavyweight division the next few years. These are just the fighters I would like to see. Feel free to add your own names in there or make it a larger tournament. As a boxing fan I just want to see some order and attention in the heavyweight division again. I feel this could bring some serious excitement back to the Heavyweights.

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