Deontay Wilder still unproven, needs to face an opponent with a pulse in his next fight

By Boxing News - 05/22/2012 - Comments

Image: Deontay Wilder still unproven, needs to face an opponent with a pulse in his next fightBy James Hardiman (Chaos J): After seeing a hat full of poor articles/propaganda written by a poor writer/idiot about British Heavyweight David Price (13 – 0 -11 KO’s), I thought I would counteract his drivel and chime in with my views on up and coming ”talent” Deontay Wilder (21 – 0 – 21 KO’s) who will yet again be taking on complete fodder in the shape of Jesse Oltmanns on Saturday in Cancun, Mexico.

Not for the first time, Wilder has decided that a previously booked journeyman in the shape of Chad Van Sickle was too tough an opponent and has decided to scrape the barrel more then I imagined was possible.

This complete pre-school simpleton constantly tells us how difficult Wilder’s forthcoming opponents are, how dangerous they are for Wilder etc etc so when Wilder gets the usual & fully expected round 1-4 knockout, he can hail him as a hero and the best thing since sliced bread yet David Price is just beating on overmatched bums when he knocks Sam Sexton out in th 4th and John McDermott in the 1st. I’m not claiming these fighters are world beaters because their not, John McDermott looked like he was trying to shake Price down for a hot-dog for christ sake but the fact both of these opponents are considerably better then anyone Wilder has beat up in 21 fights (8 more then price) tells it’s own story.

The question is: When, if ever, will Wilder finally step up and fight someone who is actually dangerous and not just a beefed up Cruiserweight journeyman? In My opinion, trainer Jay Deas has obviously seen something he doesn’t like in Wilder’s game. Maybe he is concerned about putting Deontay in with someone with heavy hands after seeing him get knocked over by journeyman Harold Sconiers. To Deontay Wilders credit (as this is not a direct attack on Wilder who I believe COULD be an amazing talent, more an attack on the stupidly biased idiot who harks on about him) he got back up to destroy Sconiers in the 4th, knocking him down 4 times along the way. The Problem for me is, if he was knocked down by a completely useless journeyman, would he of been able to get back up if that punch came from a hard hitting journeyman like Audley Harrison or if it was against fellow American Seth Mitchell, in my opinion a better prospect then Wilder as he actually wants to step up.

Wilder has all the attacking tools you could ask for as a heavyweight and could well become the super talent this drip claims he will be. It’s not his fault he has been spoon fed zombie like opponents, all he can do is knock them out and look as good as possible which he has done with aplomb but the longer he keeps fighting challengers of this calibre, the more of a shock he will be in for when he climbs into the ring against someone out to stop him, not to get beaten up for a couple of bucks.

When you look at Wilder’s ring credentials so far, you will see how this writer has a complete and utter nerve even mentioning him in the same breathe as fighters like Price, Fury, Mitchell and so on. When Wilder beats someone credible then you have a right to believe what you read but until then, do not listen to a word he says.

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