U.S vs. UK: The heavyweights

By Boxing News - 05/24/2012 - Comments

Image: U.S vs. UK: The heavyweightsBy Ashley Gibson: Long gone are the days of great heavyweight warriors such as Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield and Hasim Rahman. It’s fair to say that the division is in a dilemma with the Klitsckho brothers wiping out the entire heavyweight top ten roster.

However, the UK and the US have produced 4 undefeated heavyweight prospects with both punching power and ring dominance. The US have knockout artist Deontay Wilder and well rounded Seth Mitchell. Whilst the UK have Olympic medalist David Price and the young yet talented Tyson Fury. All four men are creeping their way into contender positions with increasingly impressive performances.

With price and fury reluctant to fight one another and Mitchell and wilder not yet crossing paths, I believe a battle between UK and US may be the way to go. The most intriguing match ups would be fury vs. Mitchell and Price vs. Wilder. Fury and Mitchell are well rounded with punching power and usually have a size advantage upon their opponents and would make a classic slug fest, blood sweat and tears classic gritty fight.

Whereas Wilder vs. Price would maybe a little more strategic in the approach, in a combined 34 fights they have 32 knockouts but both would be wary of each others power and with both having an extensive amateur experience it could also be a technical fight.

Hopefully the two winner could meet in the ring and I believe it could be a Wilder vs. Fury fight which I believe could result in fighting higher level opponents such as Tony Thompson, Eddie chamber, Jean Marc Mormeck, Derek Chisora or perhaps David Haye. Obviously they are not ready for the Ukrainian champions as of yet but after fighting one of the above a fight with Alexander Povetkin could be exciting. It could certainly bring a bit of drama to the heavyweight division as all four men are the leading prospects in that weight class.

All four fighters need tough assignments, with fury knocking out 40 year old Irish champion Martin Rogan on his last fight, David Price destroying Sam Sexton in 4, Mitchell knocking out his last few opponents and Deontay Wilder never going the distance it could prove to be exciting.

One thing is for certain the Winner would certainly put the division on notice and could call the shots in deciding which of the 3 champions to face.

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