Price still not ready to fight the Klitschko brothers

Image: Price still not ready to fight the Klitschko brothersBy Scott Gilfoid: David Price captured the vacant British heavyweight title last Saturday night against Sam Sexton in a 4th round TKO victory in Aintree. Price knocked a reluctant Sexton down three times in getting the stoppage.

However, Price didn’t have to really worry about having anything thrown back at him because Sexton fought like a mannequin all fight long, not throwing any punches until the 4rh round after he’d been knocked down.

Price said to Sky Sports News “There’s no point in me fighting for a world title fight now because I haven’t got the required experience, although the power I carry, anything could happen.”
Price is about to turn 29 in July, and he has Olympic experience.

At 29, it would seem that he’s well old enough to fight against the Klitschkos or world class contenders, yet Price is still holding off, waiting something before he’ll eventually start to fight better opponents. 29 is a ripe age to still not be fighting first tier opposition and you have to wonder if there’s a failure to launch with Price or his promoter. He needs to be put in against better opposition at some point or he’ll end up using the better part of his career facing C level opposition. You could call him the king of the Cs, but that’s probably not what he was hoping for when he turned pro.

Price continued “It’s a matter of striking while the iron is hot. These are my first two major titles, so the foundations are there to build on. Frank Maloney knows what he’s doing, he’d done it before with Lennox Lewis.”

Price is training Lewis, however. Lewis was 27-years-old when he captured a world title for the first time. He wasn’t 29 and never having faced a world class opponent yet like Price.

If Price is going to catch up to Lewis, he’s going to have to put his career in overdrive and start facing some quality opposition for once.

Price might defend the British title, and if the does that he’ll be facing more fighters along the same lines as Sexton. I don’t see how that can help him. He wants to move up to the European level in the near future, and that might be Price’s downfall because the current champion Kubrat Pulev is plenty tough, and I’d favor him over Price right now.

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