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Why Pacquiao deserves 50% of the Mayweather-Pacquiao purse

By Hector Gonzalez: Simply stated Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not want to fight Manny Pacquiao as he’s making it impossible to make a real negotiation with Pacquiao. Here are some reasons why Mayweather offering $ 40 million to Pacquiao is an insult when the fight is clearly going to make close to $200million dollars.

* First and foremost, people want to see Pacquiao, simply as that. And if people are paying to see Mayweather it’s to see him lose. Maybe in America there might be a handful of Mayweather fans that truly follow him and will pay to see him, now picture the magnitude of fame that Pacquiao has all over the globe. Heck, even the country of Mexico, who people might imagine would have a bitterness towards Pacquiao embraced Pacquiao when he visited Mexico last year.

In Mexico, Pacquiao was treated like a king, literally treated in the same way that President Obama is treated when visiting Mexico. Pacquiao is a global icon. Mayweather might be an American icon but not a global icon. It’s about who is making the MONEY in the fight, and quite literally Pacquiao not only has more American fans then Mayweather, it would be an understatement to say that Pacquiao has the Philippines cheering for him against Money May, Pacquiao would literally have the world cheering for him, the world paying to see Pacquiao.

* The argument that because Mayweather has an undefeated record, therefore he deserves the bigger purse is lame. First and foremost that record might be impressive to new jacks new to the sport, Mayweather’s record doesn’t even stand a chance when compared against some of boxing’s other greats, Julio Cesar Chavez for example has the best boxing record in the last 100 and never made a quarter of what Mayweather has made—boxing records have nothing to do with it.

Actually, looking at who really has the better record in totality, I would argue that Pacquiao actually has the better record. Pacquiao has defeated 5 future hall of famers, including 8 division world champion and giving some of the most epic fights in the last 20 years…. What hall of famer’s has Mayweather defeated?? De La Hoya and Mosley who Pacquiao also beat. What epic fight has Mayweather giving?

* The whole Pacquiao really losing to Marquez therefore deserves less of the purse is also lame. First and foremost, Juan Manuel Marquez is one of the greatest light weight fighters of all time. Regarded as one of the best combination punchers to ever bless the ring. And Yes, Mayweather did convincingly beat Marquez in 2009, and yes I do believe the Pacquiao lost at least 2 of their 3 bouts if not all 3 of them—- but Mayweather also broke the contract walking into the fight 3 pounds overweight against Marquez, guy moving up in weight who had never fought as a welterweight before. Also, you could use the same argument in comparing how Pacquiao beat Hatton as oppose to how Mayweather beat Hatton… Hatton actually dropped Mayweather in the first round.

* I’ve heard people say things like, Pacquiao is passing up a chance to get a $40million purse which he will never get again, that’s a really weak argument. Isn’t Mayweather also passing up an opportunity of making up to $100million if he were to split the purse with Pacquiao, a purse that Mayweather will never ever get a again. It’s important to recognize that if Mayweather vs Pacquiao would fight, there would be 3 promotions companies promoting the fight, Money May Productions, Golden Boy Productions and Top Rank, so Mayweather is not the only one who will spend money promoting the fight. Also keep in mind that in Pacquiao’s case, 15% of his purse goes to Bob Arum. A more reasonable contract would be more like $50million each with a split on Pay Per View buys. Both of them making right around $100million each.

It’s simple, the world will literally be paying to see Pacquiao obliterate Mayweather, simple as that. Pacquiao is the one who will be brining in the Pay Per View buys. And best believe, Pacquiao could in fact K.O Mayweather.

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