Fury thinks the Irish fans will be rooting for him against Rogan

By Boxing News - 04/04/2012 - Comments

Image: Fury thinks the Irish fans will be rooting for him against RoganBy Scott Gilfoid: Tyson Fury (17-0, 12 KO’s) takes his career backwards on April 14th to fight a guy he should fought two or three years ago instead of at this point in his bout against 40-year-old Martin Rogan in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Fury was supposed to be moving his career forward in a fight against David Price, but Fury didn’t want to take that challenge.

I guess he figured he wasn’t ready. But why in the heck is Fury facing Rogan? I don’t understand because it’s such a retreating move on Fury’s part. It’s like he’s going back in time to an earlier level instead of staying where he’s at or looking to improve. I think it’s dumb as heck, and I can’t imagine his promoter thinking of this one.

Here’s the interesting part: Fury actually thinks the Irish fans will be supporting him in this fight rather than the Irish Rogan. Why would they support Fury? He’s not Irish. He’s from England, not Ireland. If he grew up in England his entire life then he’s English and that’s the way it is. He needs to embrace the country and forget about wanting to beat the best fighter in Ireland when there isn’t anyone for him to fight.

Fury said this in a presser about his ideas about Irish fans: “Now the Irish fans are getting right behind me, they want to see me knock out Rogan. They know how good I am and they know a real Irish warrior when they see one.”

Oh boy, Fury sounds delusional, doesn’t he? What is he talking about? He’s going to be booed like crazy on April 14th, and they’ll see him for what he is – a visitor to their country. He’s not one of them. Fury is going to find himself very much the visitor on April 14th.

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