Quigg needs a lot more work before facing Frampton and Munroe

By Boxing News - 02/06/2012 - Comments

Image: Quigg needs a lot more work before facing Frampton and MunroeBy Scott Gilfoid: Last weekend’s fight between British super bantamweight champion Scott Quigg (24-0, 17 KO’s) and Jamie Arthur showed pretty clearly that the 23-year-old Quigg isn’t ready for the likes of Carl Frampton and Rendall Munroe.

He’s not even close to being ready. Those guys would eat him up and spit him out, because they’re too fast and skilled for the Brit to handle. Quigg was knocked to the canvas by Arthur last Saturday and took a lot of punishment from a guy he should have been able to dominate with ease.

Quigg wants a do over to prove that the fight was just a fluke and to try and show boxing fans that he can beat Arthur more convincingly a second time. I like the idea of Quigg getting some more experience under his belt before he even thinks about facing Frampton and Munroe, but here’s the deal: The rematch won’t be any different than the first fight.

Quigg is a limited fighter and will get a lot just like he did last weekend. The ONLY way that the rematch would be any different is if Quigg got a new trainer and learned how to fight from the bottom up. He’s too primitive in too many areas right now for him to look any better against Arthur, and he’s too primitive to beat the higher skilled Frampton and Munroe.

Quigg is missing a lot on the physical side as well, as he’s not as fast or as powerful as Frampton, and he doesn’t have Munroe’s natural athletic ability. My advice would be for Quigg to leave the UK and come to the United States to see if he can get with one of the talented American trainers like Floyd Mayweather Sr. or Emanuel Steward. I think Quigg would be perfect Mayweather Sr.

Can you picture Quigg doing the shoulder roll or throwing Mayweather’s check left hook? He would be so much better offensively and especially on the defensive side. That’s what Quigg needs before he faces someone like Arthur again, and he definitely needs the training before he faces the likes of Frampton. That guy would tear him apart. Frampton is so much better than Quigg right now that it wouldn’t even be a close fight.

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