Dulorme defeats Corley

By Boxing News - 06/10/2011 - Comments

By Mike Gamm: Twenty-one year old Puerto Rican prospect Thomas Dulorme (12- 0 10KO’s) moved up the ranks, and put on a show tonight on the co-feature of ESPN 2’s Friday Night Fights. At the Roseland ballroom, New York tonight Thomas Dulorme out boxed and out skilled the former WBO Light-Welterweight Champion “chop chop” DeMarcus Corley (37- 18 22KO’s). Corley managed to steal one round of the whole fight with Dulorme dominating the veteran throughout the action scoring a knock down putting Corley to the floor in the third with a short left hook.

Corley survived the knock-down and was holding on for life the rest of the fight. During the late rounds of the fight Corley was getting hurt and Dulorme was landing good clean shots but the veteran’s heart kept him fighting to the end, but it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Round 1- Dulorme shooting the jab early. Corley being cautious through opening minute. Dulorme misses sweeping right hand and lands a jab plus a body shot. Corley misses with a right hand and lands a short left. Corley using some good defense In the opening round. 10-9 Dulorme.

Round 2- Dulorme misses big right hand to open up the round. Corley opening up more this round and lands a left hand. Dulorme going to the body good this round. Dulorme missing big as Corley goes to the ropes. Corley lands an uppercut, and Dulorme counters with a left hand. Close round. 10-9 Corley

Punch stats through Round 2: Dulorme 34/106; Corley 26/79.

Round 3- Dulorme landing many more body shots this round, and Corley isn’t throwing much. Right hand by Corley knocks Dulorme off balance. Left hand misses by Corley. Dulorme out-jabbing Corley this round. Huge left hook lands by Dulorme, and Corley is down. Corley recovers, but Dulorme is all over him. Corley doesn’t throw anything back for last 15 seconds. 10-8 Dulorme.

Power punches in Round 3: Dulorme 24/44; Corley 4/16.

Round 4- Dulorme misses a left hand. Right hand lands on Corley’s body. Dulorme still shooting a lot of jabs at Corley. Left hand lands for Corley. Big left misses, but a right lands for Dulorme. Corley lands a straight to the body. Dulorme out-landing Corley 25-6 in jabs this round. 10-9 Dulorme

Round 5- Corley trying to land the right hand but misses wide twice. Power-punch Dulorme using the jab very effectively in this fight. Corley clips Dulorme with a right hand. Dulorme firing off jabs and straight right hands. Straight right to the body lands for Dulorme. Warning for low blows issued to Dulorme. 10-9 Dulorme

Round 6- Right hand lands for Dulorme. Short uppercut lands on Corley. Left hand misses by Dulorme. Two straight right hands land for Dulorme. Corley not doing anything this round. Right hand lands for Dulorme. Corley may not have landed a punch in this round. 10-9 Dulorme

Round 7- Dulorme still landing a stiff jab pretty consistently. Corley pushing his right hand into Dulorme. Looping right misses by Dulorme. Inactive round for the most part, but Dulorme throwing more. 10-9 Dulorme

Round 8- Dulorme controlling the action this round, and Corley is missing with most of his shots. Very inactive round with not many shots being landed. Right hand lands for Dulorme to end the round. 10-9 Dulorme

Jabs through eight rounds: Dulorme 47/224; Corley 16/116

Round 9- Both boxers picking up the pace early. Uppercut misses for Dulorme. Dulorme lands a jab. Two straight right hands land for Dulorme. Corley backs up. Easy round for Dulorme. 10-9 Dulorme

Round 10- Right hands landing for Dulorme. Dulorme avoids combination by Corley. Body shot lands for Dulorme, but he misses with a right hand. A minute to go, and it’s all Dulorme. Flurry by both boxers ends the round. 10-9 Dulorme.

The fight totals were Dulorme 188/568; Corley 107/373

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