Solis wants rematch with Vitali, says the Ukrainian was weak

By Jason Kim: Odlanier Solis (17-1, 12 KO’s) wants a rematch with WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko (42-2, 39 KO’s) in Cologne, Germany and says he’ll fight Klitschko for free in the rematch.

Solis, 30, was stopped in the 1st round by Klitschko on March 19th after blowing out his right knee upon getting hit by a short right hand from the tall 6’7” Klitschko. Solis recently had surgery on his right knee to repair ligament damage and he likely won’t be able to return to action until early 2012 under the best case scenario.

In an interview at Sky Sports News, Solis said “I’ve seen how easy it is to defeat Vitali. If the injury had not got in the way, I would have taken him apart. He is a boxing zero. I was surprised at how weak he is. I hope Vitali is man enough to give me a rematch. Let’s fight again in Cologne. Those who paid a lot of money to see the first fight can get in for free. I don’t need to earn any money from this fight. I just want your belt.”

Solis is going to have to wait a while before he is considered for another fight with the 39-year-old Vitali, because he’s the backup for his younger brother IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko for his fight against WBA heavyweight champion David Haye in June or July.

If Wladimir is injured, Vitali will be forced to step in for him and fight Haye in a mega fight that will likely be taking place in Germany. Beyond that, Vitali wants to fight again in June against a still to be determined opponent. It obviously can’t be Solis because of his knee injury.

Vitali has a fight coming up later on in 2011 against Tomasz Adamek in September. Vitali also may have to fight Haye if the British heavyweight destroys Wladimir this summer. That fight would have to be squeezed into 2011 at some point in between the Adamek fight.

As for Solis, he may have lost his opportunity by getting stopped so quickly. Vitali doesn’t have to fight him again and there doesn’t seem to be a huge cry from boxing fans for this rematch. Solis’ best bet is to come back from the injury and try knocking off some top contenders if he can get any of them to fight him. If Solis can get some quality wins in a real hurry in 2012, there is a slight chance that maybe Vitali or Wladimir will fight him. I doubt it though.

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