Klitschko VS Chisora – Time for a reality check

By Jon Neale: I have read a lot about the upcoming Klitschko VS Chisora fight and there seems to be a lot of fight fans who are backing Derek Chisora to pull off a major shock win and dethrone the longstanding IBF/WBO Heavyweight Champion. In the Heavyweight division there is always the possibility that an underdog can pull off a surprise win as almost all Heavyweight boxers have the power to turn a fight with one punch (which is why it is still technically the marquee division!).

Derek Chisora has 14 wins and no losses with 9 wins coming by way of knockout. Compare these figures to Valdimir Klitschko’s (55-3, 49) and Chisora is by comparison a novice. Klitschko has knocked out a far greater percentage of his opponents than Chisora, has campaigned at a considerably higher level and boxed a more diverse selection of opponents with varying styles. Chisora has fought almost only at Domestic level, has fought B-grade fighters and none who have anywhere near the size or experience advantages that Klitschko has.

So why do people believe Chisora can do what so many others have not been able to? A number of experts and fight fans alike (especially those from the UK) believe that Chisora brings to the table a strong mix of confidence, aggression (which Sam Peter et al did not) and an element of the unknown. With only 14 fights to date I believe Chisora could actually benefit from being inexperienced and therefore potentially ‘unpredictable’. A more seasoned and more well known fighter would be easier to study and then analyze for weaknesses in order to plan how to beat him. Plus, Chisora has a bit of an edge about him. He has been in trouble with the law on several occasions recently and in one fight bit an opponent’s ear Tyson-Style. So perhaps Vladimir will be wary of him? But is this enough? Simply, no. I don’t believe it is. I do think Derek Chisora will put up a brave fight and I feel certain we all might witness something not usually associated with a Klitschko fight… entertainment. With this in mind given the great line up of fights in Europe and the United States this weekend we can all look forward to a fantastic night/day of boxing!

As an Englishman I would actually be very happy if Derek Chisora were to win, but I’m also a Boxing fan and a realist. C’est la vie.

Klitschko to win by TKO round 6 or 7.

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