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Greedy promoters are ruining professional boxing

By Gerardo Granados: Now a day you can watch bouts that neither are competitive nor have good quality skilled fighters involved. What you see is only obvious to the expert eye, average or casual fans will never be able to acknowledge this situation.

Last Saturday I feel ashamed to watch such farce, a supposed to be a championship welterweight fight; the challenger showed no boxing quality skills, yet he was the challenger to the title, not only wasn’t competitive, this guy didn’t have the merits to fight for the welterweight title; he was hit with his guard up high and still got knocked out, is this a contender?

Its like if you have a fully equipped brand new jeep against and old non equipped jeep, both race against each other on a dirt track that ends at the top of a high hill, logic tells the new one will win, that wouldn’t be really competitive but at least you might think that the old jeep has a chance to win. But what if the old jeep race against a fully equipped brand new military Hummer? Promoter will sell this race as a championship race, you will pay for it, at the end there is no real competition and the fans think that the driver of the Hummer must be the greatest driver of all times be cause he always beat old jeeps and new ones; but he never race against other Hummer because his promoter don’t allows him to take the risk of loss. The promoter will allow him to race against other Hummer just in case the other one has flat tires, his engine burns oil and his radiator has several leaks. Soon this driver is called the greatest of all times by his loyal fans whom will be angered if anyone dares to talk against his pure hype idol.

A championship bout must be engaged between two great fighters, but what you got is a good fighter fighting against an average fighter, against who he can look good at beating. The champion isn’t a real champion any more, contenders aren’t top fighters anymore. Boxing fans don’t care if the fight they bought really is worth what they paid for. It is bad enough to read that this boxing fans start to compare this paper title champion against the true historic champions, but its even worst to read articles written by sports journalist supporting this craziness.

Promoters are ruining boxing be cause they only care to make tons of money; they have turned a competition into a show. Sure boxing has always been a business but now TV and PPV have created power funds and structures that limit or extinguish competition as a primal factor to accomplish in professional boxing, now the only thing that matters is to make tons of money; there is nothing wrong in making tons of money, what is wrong is to cheat to put up a farce and to charge a lot of money for it.

If you promote a championship fight and you deliver a fight between a reigning champion against a boxer that doesn’t have a chance to win then it must be considered a fraud.

Why are there too many alphabet titles? Promoters convenience, this allows them to promote countless “title fights” that gives them big revenues. Why are there too many weight divisions? Promoters want money; there should be only 8 weight divisions: fly-bantam-feather-light-welter-middle-light heavy-cruiser-heavy. Why does “champions” keep avoiding dangerous rivals? Promoters must protect their cash cow; they will never risk letting him fight any one that has a real chance to beat the “champion”.

Promoters are creating illusions not real champions, you get a guy that looks impressive against: a less skilled opponent, old past his prime former great fighter, the ones that are shot or the ones that are tailor made for the champ to beat. There are only a few true champions left.

Amateur tournaments are a genuine sport competition; professional boxing is quickly becoming an expensive low quality show; it is no longer a real competition. Let’s just hope no one gets hurt due this mismatch bouts.

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