Marquez-Diaz Undercard: Upset for Jacobs while Guerrero and Linares cruise to victories

By Boxing News - 08/01/2010 - Comments

Image: Marquez-Diaz Undercard: Upset for Jacobs while Guerrero and Linares cruise to victoriesBy Peter Wells: Not everything last night went as planned, as expected Robert Guerrero dominated the 38-year-old Joel Casamayor and took an easy decision apart from his last round scare, and Linares did enough to make Rocky Juarez’s late surge all for nothing. But it was Daniel Jacobs another promising star at Golden Boy Promotions (GBP), who slipped up on his big night.

His opponent, Russian Dmitriy Pirog, was also unbeaten and with his always come forward style and his big punching the match up looked terrible. Jacobs has only been fighting since 2007 and just like with Victor Ortiz, GBP’s risk hasn’t paid off.

In the first round Jacobs looked slightly edgy and didn’t look comfortable at all with Pirog’s style. In the 2nd though a big shot had Jacobs nearly down and he struggled tremendously. His defence was already being brought to question and so was GBP idea of giving him a World title fight so early. But Jacobs started to regain his confidence and by the end of round 4 it looked like his counter-punching was working. But not too long into the 5th, a big right landed straight on Daniel’s chin and the ‘Golden Child’ was lay out on his back and the fight was stopped.

This could be a positive or a negative for Jacobs, but maybe a move to Freddie Roach would do him some good, look what it’s done for Khan. But if he comes out like Ortiz has then it could be the end of what could have been a glistening career. But Jacobs is still only 23 and hasn’t been boxing very long, with the right guidance he can get back on his feet and can still be a great champion.

Robert Guerrero did well to outpoint Cuban Joel Casamayor, after flooring Joel in the 2nd and the Cuban had a point deduction for holding it looked like he could be on for a big victory, but Guerrero was too wary of being caught in close and despite hurting Casamayor every time he landed a big shot he refused to go for the stoppage instead taking the points. He was given a small scare in the last round when a shot from nowhere put him down. Joel didn’t get the chance to finish him off as Guerrero was sound back to his senses to see it out.

As for Jorge Linares he was just too good and moved slickly to dominate Rocky Juarez in Rocky’s 7th title attempt. Linares slowed at the end but Juarez hadn’t done enough and lost clearly after 10 d

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