Froch defeats Dirrell; Abraham stops Taylor – Boxing Results

By Edd Watson: Before the super six started, all we heard from the Americans was how good their fighters were and how they had fought much better opposition and how they’d wipe the floor with the “poor” Europeans. Arthur “The King” Abraham outclassed Jermaine Taylor and made him look very old before eventually knocking him out. Carl “The Cobra” Froch was and is average at best but he still managed to beat the very fast American Andre “The Matrix” Dirrell.

I don’t know about you, but if I was as fast as the Matrix, I think I’d win every fight. Dirrell was fast but predictable with many of his punchers being a slapped Jab and so many pot shots and never inflicting any trouble for Froch. Rather than throw more than 2 or 3 punches he would run away and move round the ring all night.

It was not entertaining for this reason. It was a very close fight and many of the rounds were difficult to score, but I had Froch by 2 rounds in the end and felt it a fair decision despite all the controversy. Many people had it scored to Dirrell but from what I’ve heard since the fight as many had it in Froch’s favour and in this case, two thirds of the judges had it in Froch’s favour. He is the Champion and you have to beat a Champion, Dirrell did not go there to beat Froch, he went to not get hit. Therefore he did not deserve to win.

We could do with some Compubox stats to help support the result, but none will be released. But if you throw 10 punches a round like Dirrell did, it wont take much working out.

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