News – Cotto vs. Pacquiao is a GO!!

By Boxing News - 07/20/2009 - Comments

cotto3233434By Eric Torres: As reported on numerous web sites today, the proposed match Up between Miguel Cotto & Manny Pacquiao is going forward. According to multiple sources, Bob Abrum, who recently came back from a vacation, had a phone conversation with Manny Pacquiao over the terms of the fight and it took less than 15 minutes for Abrum to seal the deal. The fight is to take place in Las Vegas on Nov. 14th. The catch weight, which has been agreed upon by both parties, is going to be the 145lbs Cotto wanted and refused to budge on.

This will be a true test for both fighters and from this boxing fans view, it is way to early to call until we see the two boxers training.

I can say this, Cotto will have his hands full with the speed of Pacquiao, as I see Pacquiao having as equal as a hard time with the Power, heart and ability that Cotto brings to the table. The question for me in this fight is going to see how Cotto reacts to the power of Pacquiao. Cotto has demonstrated that he can take a beating in the ring and has yet to be knocked out in a fight ( kneel downs do not count in a questionable fight with Margarito).

If Cotto handles the power shots from Pacquiao then that will bring Cotto in and he will look to press Manny. I believe that Cotto has fought as equally as quick fighters in the past such as Sugar Shane Mosley and Zab Judah, so if he can use his Jab to offset the speed of Pacquiao then in MY OPINION it will be a long night for Pacquiao.

Although if all of these intangibles are not handled well by Cotto It will be a long or short night depending on how you look at it. I believe that there are more question marks on Pacquiaos side then on Cotto’s and I believe that Cotto already has the psychological advantage on not budging from the 145 limit that he strongly refused to budge from.

Cotto came into his weigh in with Joshua Clottey at 146 that is one pound heavier than the 145 that was agreed upon, so it will be a relatively easy target weight for Cotto to Make. Pacquiao is as gifted as they come and in my eyes if he defeats Cotto at Miguel’s agreed weight, then one has to start to putting Manny Pacquiao in the same category as The great Muhammad Ali. Either way let the discussions begin.

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