Froch may Regret Fighting in the Super Tourney

By Boxing News - 07/05/2009 - Comments

By Scott Gilfoid: With the latest news about Carl Froch taking part in the planned upcoming super middleweight tourney by Showtime, I don’t like Froch’s chances in the tournament for any of success. In fact, I see Froch getting beaten by every opponent that he’s put in there with aside from Jermain Taylor. Froch, 31, will be facing Andre Dirrell in the first bout of the tournament on October 10th.

I don’t see anything good coming of Froch participating in this tournament because the fights are just too good for the robotic, slow-moving Froch to win anything. Mikkel Kessler, Taylor, Dirrell, Andre Ward, Arthur Abraham will be fighting in the tourney, and with the exception of Taylor, Froch is going to be facing an uphill battle.

Froch might have a tiny chance of beating the likes of Dirrell, and Kessler, if Froch didn’t keep his hands low below his waist. Unfortunately, Froch likes to fight with his hands low like Roy Jones Jr. except that unlike Jones, Froch gets hit a lot.

In his fight with Taylor, Froch was getting nailed early and often and if not for Taylor running out of gas in the 2nd half of the fight, Froch would have likely lost the fight by decision. Froch likes to hang his chin out as if daring his opponents to hit him.

Against Taylor, Froch was getting banged like an old cowbell by Taylor, who took advantage of Froch hanging his big lantern jaw out there without any kind of protection by tagging him repeatedly with big shots in the early part of the fight.

If not for Taylor’s sudden exhaustion that messed him up in the second half, Froch would likely not even be mentioned as a participant for this tournament. Never the less, if Froch gets beaten as bad as I think he will in the tourney, this will be the last one that he takes part, especially if Froch gets knocked out like I think he will.

I think Froch has big heart, but talent is needed to compete with fine fighters like these. Even Joe Calzaghe would likely be in deep trouble if he were to fight in this tournament. I doubt he’d want to participate, because of the huge amount of tough fighters that he would be forced ton fight. But if he did, I see Calzaghe losing to Dirrell and Ward, and struggling against Abraham.

Froch might have been better off if he had chosen not to fight in the tournament and instead padded his record like Calzaghe by facing Mario Veit a couple of times and Evans Ashira. As Taylor showed, it doesn’t necessarily take a lot to give Froch problems.

If Froch is forced to deal with speed, power and movement, he has problems. He might be able to compete for a couple of rounds but eventually he’ll have problems and will lose by a landslide. Dirrell is a step above Taylor and Jean Pascal, Froch’s last two opponents. Froch struggled in both of those fights, so I see him losing by a shutout to Dirrell, who is a lot better than Pascal and Taylor in my book.

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