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Prescott Destroys Khan

prescott334.jpgBy Michael Lieberman: I don’t mean to gloat or anything but I knew this way going to happen. In fact, I predicted that the Colombian knockout artist Breidis Prescott (20-0, 18 KOs) would knock Amir Khan (18-0, 14 KOs) as soon as the fight was signed months ago. I just didn’t think it would be so gosh darned quick with the fighting being stopped in the 1st round. I guess that goes to show you that if a fighter has a glass chin, you got to protect them fighters like the hard-punching Prescott. Khan, 21, didn’t look good even as he was entering the ring. He looked nervous, as if he had gotten himself into something that he was ill prepared for.

You can say that again. Prescott was in a whole different class than Khan, which became abundantly class in the opening seconds of the bout when Prescott staggered Khan with a simple left jab. After getting hit, Khan’s legs turned rubbery for a second and I thought he was about to do chicken dance.

Khan probably should have backed off at this point and let his head clear a little, because he wasn’t thinking clearly when he tried a sloppy right hand which missed. Prescott easily countered it with a left-right combination. Khan then threw a jab followed by big left hook, leaving himself open for a perfect left hook by Prescott that connected to the head of Khan, hurting him badly and causing him to back up two steps on rubbery legs.

At this point, at 2:38 of the round, Khan could barely stand and was like the Titanic waiting to go down. Prescott then launched a looping right hand that glanced off the side of Khan’s face. Instead of trying to rush in and clinch Prescott, Khan foolishly attempted a right hand of his own, but Prescott’s left hook – thrown at the same time – got there first and exploded off Khan’s glass jaw, causing him to crumple to the canvas like an old rag doll, falling flat on his back at 2:35 of the 1st round.

Incredibly, Khan got to his feet, and looked directly at the ceiling, appearing completely out of his mind, eyes closed and staggering backwards to the ropes. The referee must have been feeling generous towards him because he didn’t stop the fight, which in most parts of the civilized world it would have probably been stopped at this point given Khan’s bad condition. However, referee Terry O’Connor only asked Khan to put up his gloves and walk forwards towards him.

This Khan did but looked totally out of it. As soon as the action resumed, Prescott, of course, wasn’t going to let a good opportunity go to waste and preceded to tagging Khan with a glancing right hook to the head, and then a big left hook that landed but didn’t put Khan down. However, after landing one more right hand, Prescott came back with another big left hook that send down for the second time in the round, with his head heading the canvas hard and coming to rest against the bottom rope.

For a second, Khan had both eyes closed, but then opened them and after several second he tried to get up, and after what seemed like an eternity, he made to both knees but then collapsed back onto his side on the canvas. The fight was then stopped at 0:54 of the 1st round. Afterwards, Khan eventually made it up to his feet but was seriously hurt and staggered back into the hands of two nearby persons in the ring.

Like I said, I saw this coming after watching most of Khan’s previous fights in which he was hurt on a couple of occasions by average punchers like Willie Limond and Michael Gomez. It’s sad that he got stopped but he really had no business in with a fighter with the murderous puncher like Prescott.

Khan is a fine fighter, I’ll be the first to admit that, but he’s more like a B-class fighter than truly a top notch guy. You put him in with a good fighter, he’ll win most of the time, but if you put him in with the class of the division or a fighter with enormous power like Prescott, and you’ll see something similar to what happened on Saturday night. Already, people are talking about Khan needing to fight a rematch with Prescott, so at the restore his dignity and respect with the boxing community.

I personally wouldn’t advise for him to do this. Prescott has too much power in his left hook, and I think he’s break Khan every time they fought. Khan’s chin is too fragile for a fighter with power like Prescott, and we’d only witness another knockout loss for him if they were to fight again. Khan’s better off dropping back down to the lesser quality fighters that he’s been subsisting on since starting his professional boxing career in 2005.

After a couple more years, maybe come back and try again against a fighter with lesser power, and then maybe Khan might have some luck. I doubt it, but it’s much better than trying to fight Prescott again, because that’s almost a certain loss for Khan.

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