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Boxing News: Guzman-Campbell Verbal War

Nate Campbell: Joanie, Joanie, Joanie. You still don’t get it. Let me see if I can make this clear. YOU ARE NOT MY MANDATORY. Casamayor is. And if Casa don’t sign, you STILL might not be my mandatory. Unless Paco elevates you over Khan as my mandatory (which he hasn’t done yet, regardless of what you think you heard), you don’t matter at all. So enough of all your yapping..

And then you bring my wife into this?

Man, you just don’t know. See, I left your family out of my previous response. I didn’t say one word about your husband. I left him out of it. But now you brought my family into this, so there it is. And get off Shaeffer’s sack already. Don’t you know he aint your daddy no more? Didn’t Sycuan buy out GBP’s interest in you? And if they paid more than 15 bucks for it, they got beat. You also suggest that I “kiss Sycuan’s ass”. I leave that to ho’s like you. I came into this game a man, and I’ll leave it as a man. If you want to bow down to these cats, then that’s on you.

Although from what I hear, you being down on your knees isnt anything new. Anyways, it’s obvious that nothing constructive is gonna come from this nonsense, other than to see who is the best shit talker. If you end up as my mandatory, I’ll give you that ass whippin. You can come get it. But until you ACTUALLY ARE my mandatory, you should just keep Shaefer’s sack in your mouth and shut up. It’s not polite to talk with your mouth full. Every bitch should know that much.

Joan Guzman to lightweight champ Nate Campbell

He’s comparing me to a little rat dog, well I’ll show him that my bite is much worse than my bark. Nate is going to try to avoid me just as much as the other fighters in the division. They’ve all been running from me since I was the 122lb. champ! I am the Sycuan Warrior and he calls himself the Galaxy Warrior. Let’s just make this the Battle of the Warriors!

Nate seems to forget that he’s been defeated five times and tasted the canvas while I remain undefeated. He’s got a lot of nerve to sit there and call me unworthy.

I am willing to give him the sixth and last beating of his career.

I also want to thank Nate for letting his wife take a break from using the strap-on during their honeymoon and acknowledging me. There must not be too much excitement in Grand Cayman. Nate obviously has an easier time beating up women than he does men. Does he not remember punching and choking his former girlfriend before pulling out a gun on her.

Nate doesn’t want to fight me because he knows that I’ll send his ass back to Winn Dixie supermarket where he can learn to pack bags all over again!

He claims Casamayor is his mandatory but Casa has nothing to prove by beating him again. Also, Nate’s publicist must be just as dumb as him to disrespect one of the most influential men in boxing, Richard Schaefer. Do you really think that Golden Boy is going to allow him to even get close to that Ring belt or make money from any of their fighters?

Next time he needs to try writing his own shit and maybe he can get the opportunities that he wants, instead of having his own promoter, Don King, already in talks with Frank Warren to have his ass beat by Amir Khan overseas and only being shown on This might be news to you Nate: I am ahead of Khan as your mandatory so start preparing.

Get it through your head; Sycuan didn’t make you sit and wait to fight Diaz, its just that no network wanted to see you fight then, the same way they don’t want you now.

All those losses you have don’t attract viewers so you better start kissing Sycuan’s ass and pray that they put you in the ring against me on the Showtime date that they have.

Get in the ring with a real fighter like me and stop crying like a bitch about the past. I’ll put a beating on you like the one you caught from the last Dominican that you fought!

Anyway, Sycuan and I are waiting on your response. You better make it quick because I’m not going to be chasing your ass for long. Unlike what you have going on, there are plenty of fish in the sea for me to catch. All that (stuff) you talk that no one wants to fight you, leave it outta your mouth, because I’m right here waiting for you.

Have a sweet honeymoon!

Campbell Responds To Guzman

IBF / WBO / WBA king Nate Campbell took a few moments away from his honeymoon to respond to comments made by former 130lb champ Joan Guzman. The always outspoken Campbell had this to say regarding Guzman’s “disrespectful comments”: “This clown reminds me of one of those yapping little rat dogs. Yip, yip, yip at your ankles. He asked why I was considering fighting Casamayor. Well the answer is simple. Because Casamayor is my mandatory, and he holds 2 belts; The WBO interim title, and the Ring title, which happens to be 2 more belts than Joanie herself holds”

“Unlike her, I actually try and do my mandatories, and not “forget” to get my visa to get out of the fight. And didn’t she sign for a fight with Katsidis, only to break a nail or something and pull out? And she is questioning my willingness to fight? That’s a laugh. My message to Joanie is this: Chill out. If Casa don’t sign, and the WBO makes you my mandatory over Khan, then you will get the beating you so desperately seem to want.. But right now you are behind Casa, so deal with it. And another thing, this aint 122 pounds, which I think is the last division that you actually were able to put someone on the floor. Since then all you do is stink out the joint. But if you end up being my mandatory, then you can get that ass whippin same as Casa would have. But this business of saying you’re being ducked when you’ve only been in the division for a half an hour is nonsense. Who the hell are you to vacate 130 to get out of the Arthur fight, and think you can just barge into 135 and start telling people whats what? You havent earned your place or your respect in this division yet. So chill out, or you may just end up sitting, just like your promoter Sycaun made me sit when I was Julio Diaz’ mandatory, and they wouldn’t fight me. Yeah, I’m, sure your boy Woodworth thinks I have amnesia about that shit too. But I got a long memory.”

Guzman Calls Out Campbell

Two-division champion Joan Guzman has made it no secret that he intends to win a title in the lightweight division. He already has an opponent in mind; the lightweight kingpin and always colorful Nate Campbell. Campbell 32-5-1 (25) who got married last Saturday in Jacksonville, Fla., is currently on his honeymoon.

“Everyone has seen the picture of Nate and his wife in their cute, white, wedding outfits,” said Guzman, who has a record of 28-0, with 17 knockouts. “I hope they’re enjoying their honeymoon because Nate’s honeymoon at the top of the lightweight division is going to end once he finds the courage to fight me.”

Guzman may or may not get his wish since Campbell’s team is in a WBO purse bid with Campbell’s mandatory challenger Joel Casamayor. The purse bid is scheduled for Tuesday, May 27.

“I don’t know why Nate is considering fighting Casamayor,” said Guzman, who is exclusively promoted by San Diego-based Sycuan Ringside Promotions. “I think he’s afraid of me. I’ll make Nate look so bad that he’ll retire after I wipe the floor with him.

“I guess I can understand why Nate doesn’t want to fight me. Twenty-eight boxers have tried to beat me and none of them came close to succeeding.

“I honestly thought Nate was a serious fighter, but I’m starting to question that. If Nate wants a real challenge, he knows where to find me.”

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