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Pacquiao’s rumored low PPV totals for Algieri fight puts him in bad position for Mayweather mega-bout

By Chris Williams: As many boxing fans already know, Manny Pacquiao’s fight against Chris Algieri last month is rumored to have brought in a little over 300,000 pay-per-view buys on HBO. That total, […]

Let’s be real Manny Pacquiao v Floyd Mayweather

By Francisco Gurrola:  As it is not my intentions to revive old threads, to bring back the dusty topic or to formulate a bias opinion I see facts that are being either ignored or not taken into consideration. […]

Mayweather-Pacquiao mega fight isn’t happening

By Juan dela Cruz: The world had been clamoring for the mega fight between the 8-division world champion and the WBO welterweight title holder Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., but still, the fight […]

Reviewing the pound for pound picture

By James Sexton: It was a long time ago that the ‘pound for pound’ rankings were created to put Ray Robinson’s performances and achievements into perspective. Today, Ring magazine, (owned by Golden Boy […]

Why Manny Pacquiao should accept the 70/30 split to land Mayweather fight

Leigh K. Seto: Recently released PPV figures for Manny Pacquiao’s latest fight against “What’s his name?” were dismal. Regardless if the numbers were 300k or 400k its well below the 800k Arum announced […]

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao to be announced this Month?

By Wilmar Patino ( Boxing’s Finest): So according to my sources there are contracts being worked out for the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Manny Pacquiao bout. The fight is to be announced this month as a “Christmas […]

Breaking down a boxing fans/journalists pound for pound list by James Le Blanc

By James Le Blanc: As this subpar year of boxing comes closer to an end I have read some interesting pound for pound lists lately; some I respected and others frustrated me deeply. P4P lists are a “What […]

Roger Mayweather says Manny Pacquiao has earned his shot!

By Wilmar Patino (Boxing’s Finest) In an interview with Hustle Boss, Roger Mayweather was asked about his thoughts on Pacquiao’s last fight and the much talked about Mayweather vs Pacquiao match. […]

Pacquiao needs Mayweather now because he needs help, says Jeff M.

By Chris Williams: Jeff Mayweather, the uncle of WBA/WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr, believes that the soon to be 36-year-old Manny Pacquiao needs a fight against Mayweather Jr right now […]

2015 Boxing’s best year in decades?

By Wilmar Patino (Boxing’s Finest) Wrapping up the year of 2014 we had many ups and downs seeing a lot of mismatches along the way. This is Boxing and mismatches tend to be a part of the sport. Yet we […]

Pacquiao will overwhelm Mayweather

By Sam S: In this present generation where money is more important to boxers than their legacies, we see a constant scrutiny on the pay-per-view numbers of certain fighters by the hardcore boxing fanatics. […]

The Unbiased Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Breakdown: It’s not as clear as you may think

By Antonia Bufalino: The two superstar fighters walk to the center of the lit-up ring. Kenny Bayless stands before them and gives the routine instructions for the fight; however, it’s drowned out by the […]

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