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Propaganda Pacquiao

By Robert “Big Moe” Elmore: Manny Pacquiao was silent for a good while about his next opponent was going to be. So much so that Bob Arum, Top Rank president, didn’t even know what was going on…or […]

Pacquiao to stick with Roach despite his recent problems

By Chris Williams: Trainer Freddie Roach has had some seriously rotten luck as of late with pretty much all of his top fighters getting beaten recently. Roach has seen Amir Khan twice under his helm as […]

Pacquiao and Marquez talk about why they chose to fight each other for a forth time

By Allan Fox: Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez have almost identical reasons why they chose to fight for a fourth time this coming December 8th. Both of them want to prove to themselves and to boxing […]

Marquez: They stole the last fight from me against Pacquiao

By Chris Williams: Juan Manuel Marquez summed up his thoughts about what happened to him the last time that he fought Manny Pacquiao last November by telling the Mexican crowd on Friday in Mexico City […]

Koncz saying Pacquiao-Mayweather winner gets 55% and loser 45%

By Chris Williams: Yesterday, Manny Pacquiao said in an interview with ESPN that he’d be willing to take a 45/55 deal with Floyd Mayweather Jr. just to make the fight happen. This sounded a lot more reasonable […]

Ellerbe: Pacquiao doesn’t tell Floyd! We dictate the terms for the fight

By Chris Williams: Leonard Ellerbe, the adviser for Floyd Mayweather Jr., wasn’t pleased with the news that Manny Pacquiao was talking about offering Mayweather a 45/55 purse split to help put together […]

Pacquiao/Mayweather next barrier: Weight Issue

By Frank (Frankly) Livingstone: Well it seems that Christmas comes a bit early this month for both Pacquiao and Mayweather fans. Manny Pacquiao has come out and declared that the drug test is no longer […]

Cotto turned down $13 million to fight Pacquiao

By Dan Ambrose: Miguel Cotto (37-3, 30 KO’s) recently turned down a whopping $13 million to fight Manny Pacquiao at a catchweight of 150 lbs, according to Dan Rafael of ESPN. Instead of fighting Pacquiao […]

Marquez: I beat Pacquiao in the last three fights; I’m not going to respect him in the ring

By Chris Williams: Juan Manuel Marquez sees himself going into his fourth fight with Manny Pacquiao having already beaten him three times already. Marquez figures that to beat Pacquiao for the fourth time, […]

Pacquiao to spend entire training camp in Los Angeles to get ready for Marquez

By Chris Williams: With his performances going downhill with each fight in the past year, Manny Pacquiao says he plans on staying in the Los Angeles area to train there for his entire training camp to […]

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