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Mayweather vs. Canelo: Yes, it will happen

floyd#900By Mauricio Carranza: Believe it or not the fight between WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will happen. Believe me, it’s just matter of time, I can guarantee it. First off, we need to understand Maywether is a very smart fighter and an even smarter business man. He understands exactly how the “business” of boxing work. There is risk and reward.

The risk being fighting a strong bigger opponent with good hand speed and very dangerous right hand, and please understand when I say bigger I mean frame-wise because Canelo might be an inch taller than Floyd if that.

Here is where Mayweather’s business man comes out the reward part of  the deal because let’s be honest, outside of Manny Pacquiao the Canelo fight might be the most lucrative one for money and Showtime. Floyd more than anyone knows that the most credit he has received in the past was when fighting a junior middleweight in Miguel Cotto, and a fight with the number one junior middleweight Canelo would not only bring a lot of money. It also brings the respect that Mayweather deserves if he were to come out victorious.

I also believe Mayweather knows that Canelo is beatable because he has stamina issues that is obvious in the past. However, I’ve seen Canelo improve in some areas but the stamina has to be fixed if Canelo is to defeat “Money” Mayweather or at least make it interesting.

When this fight finally happens, which should be around May 5th next year after Canelo defeats Cotto in a September match, I expect a great fight even better than the Cotto vs. Mayweather one, and yes, it will break the 2.4 million pay per view record Floyd and De La Hoya set back in 2007.

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