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Deontay Wilder’s 2013 Title Hopes: This Time The Truth

wilder52By Rusty Nate: I was planning on leaving the writing until the New Year now and just taking in some of the other articles and discussions that BN24 were posting, however I read an article earlier which compelled me to write my own view of the fighter and the writer. It was relating to Deontay Wilder fighting for a World Title in 2013. I think that tells all the hardcore fans out there which writer I am referring to.

I’ll just start by saying, as many of you will know from my previous pieces, that I don’t show bias towards one fighter or another when discussing a subject and I certainly don’t dislike or rip on any up and coming contenders for the sake of it because I truly believe they are the future of our sport.

Firstly David Price has shown zero signs of having a suspect chin, he has never been knocked down in the pro ranks and I am even struggling to remember him being put under any kind of pressure by a fighter in his career so far.

Tyson Fury, yes he has been floored by an overhand right from a short heavyweight a couple of fights ago, but it was a flash knock down (the only one in his career), he was not shaken up at all and went on to stop the guy in the next couple of rounds with ease. It was simply a punch that landed in a momentary lapse of concentration. Ali once had that momentary lapse and it resulted in a Joe Fraser left hook landing flush on his chin! Oh and before you all start, I am NOT comparing Ali to Fury, I would never be so silly! I am merely making a point that it happens, especially in the HW division, even at the elite level.

Now on to Deontay Wilder. I like him, he has good power, pretty good speed and he tries immediately for a KO. That’s an exciting heavyweight in my eyes.

He lacks in area’s as well! Head movement is not great, his jab is thrown as a range finder rather than with authority and some of his combinations look a little telegraphed or basic.

Having said all that these three are ALL great prospects that are going to have some great fights down the line, I have no doubt.

With regards to a world title in 2013 for Wilder……Its either complete rubbish and he wont be fighting for one as that would mean him fighting a K-Brother, a big mistake based on his recent form!!

Or it means he has his sights set on one of the alphabet titles that no one cares about and is held by a fighter no one knows or is vacant because no one wants to fight for it and so means nothing.

Its just the wrong time for Wilder, he has a lot of learning to do right now as do Price and Fury!

I hope I have broken these guys down in a way that people agree with. I was just honestly in shock as to the level of nonsense written in the recent article, its an embarrassment and an insult to the fans, the fighters and the sport that these kind of short sited views actually exist.

Merry Christmas all!


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