Mayweather’s fight dates

By Wilmar Patino: Today I’d like to discuss a topic that hasn’t been discussed as of yet on this site. Many of you who are familiar with my work know that I am not a biased writer. Never have been and never will be.

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The Appreciation and Career of Manny Pacquiao

pac888881By Will Patino: Hello once again, in this edition of articles written by me I’m going to speak on Manny Pacquiao’s legacy in the aftermath of his rematch with Timothy Bradley. I also will be touching on where he has been and where he is now as a fighter along with my appreciation of Manny. I’d like to start off by saying I DO NOT like to criticize any boxers on their talent or place in boxing’s history. The main reason is because its all really opinion based.

If you have read any of my articles I usually speak on subjects that people rarely touch upon such as “Did you know? Boxing Edition”, “Defense a beautiful art to master” and ” How to market Boxing to expand its demographic and popularity”. All articles in which I do not speak on or criticize boxers with my opinions. This time around in light of his recent win I’ll speak on a fighter I have learned to gain great respect and appreciation for, the little man Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

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Did You Know? Boxing Edition

By Wil Patino: Hello my fellow readers. Today on the agenda we have the boxing edition of Did you know? With boxing’s rich history there have always been things you are bound to never have known about the sport and its participants. In this article I’d like to speak on the odd and peculiar facts of the sport and its fighters.

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Defense: A beautiful art to master

mayweather43334By Wil Patino: Defense is an art only few are willing and able to master. Its hard to appreciate in real time yet beautiful to watch in slow motion. Only then can you truly see step by step the essence of eluding an attack. There are a variety of ways to make your opponent miss and many techniques one can apply. I’m here to speak on an art that some may not appreciate or truly understand.

From casual fans to hardcore, pure defense can be hard to appreciate and can feel a bit lackluster in regards to the action in the ring. I myself love an offensive fighter and the art of the knockout (hence the term knock out artist). They entertain and present a magnificent display in the technique of attack and conquer. Today I will speak on the defensive wizards of yesteryear’s with some mention of present fighters. The way they brush off punches like they brush paint on a canvas we call the ring.

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How to market Boxing to expand its demographic and popularity

By Wil Patino: With the increasing rise of the NFL and combat sports like the MMA growing in popularity, I want to discuss how the same can be done with Boxing. The average age for a viewer is somewhere between 35 and 50, depending on which statistics you go by. So it would seem to me that we need to reach a younger demographic. There was a time where kid’s role models would be boxers over other athletes of other sports. Muhammad Ali is a prime example of someone people looked up to and had posters of, in iconic fashion.

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New Rules: Time for a change in Boxing

wlad793By Wil Patino: Too much clinching, I can’t watch this anymore! Wow how could the ref not penalize him for all the low blows? I could have sworn that was a knock down! …. I’m sure we have all yelled things out similar to this, most likely with expletives. Yes its time for us to discuss boxing’s everlasting issues that have not been addressed, and delve deep in to how we can improve this beautiful sport. Hello boxing fans it is I, Wil Patino back to give you a daily dose of great unbiased writing with critical thinking in regards to the subject.

From Wladimir Klitschko vs Alexander Povetkin (A fight marred with over 160 clinches reportedly ) and recently Vasyl Lomachenko vs Orlando Salido which was a fight full of low blows from Salido. There has always been something in the sport that we as fans detest and we know are fouls, but it seems to always come down to the refs judgement.

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Where Are They Now? A Look Back

By Wil Patino: Have you ever watched a fighter and became a fan only to see them disappear out the blue? Leading you to wonder what ever happened to them? Well  in this article I will touch upon exactly that subject. Some fighters had legitimate reasons to disappear and/or retire without warning. Others left us scratching our heads as to what happened and why’d they stop boxing. Here is a look back at some of these champions gone M.I.A. along with one current fighter depending on who you ask.

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Can Provodnikov become an “ELITE” fighter?

provodnikov7By Wil Patino: Hey Boxing fans of the sweet science Wil here to speak on rising star Ruslan Provodnikov. The popular “Siberian Rocky” from ESPN 2. There hasn’t been a fighter as popular with the fans on that network since Micky Ward and we all do know who Micky is, don’t we? Now I was going to initially write an article on Manny Pacquiao being that Floyd is the hot topic on this site, but I am an avid reader of BoxingNews24 myself and have grown tired and weary of the same old topics as most of you… the readers.

So I thought about writing on someone a little less spoken of and a topic that hasn’t been scrutinized on much when it comes to this warrior (Provodnikov).

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No bias: Truth about Mayweather vs. Maidana or Khan

mayweather434By Wil Patino – Welcome Boxing Fans: Hardcore, casual, and everything in between. Here to give an UNBIASED account of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s purposed selection of opponents between Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana. Here is a small breakdown on what I believe COULD happen in either fight, and the chances each fighter has against Mayweather Jr. So let me begin in alphabetical order with Amir Khan.

Amir “King” Khan:  Amir Khan is a somewhat interesting opponent for Floyd due to his blazing fast hands and something we don’t speak of too often – his heart. Amir does possess a threat in speed and combination punching. His biggest criticism is his “glass” chin.

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