British Heavyweight Weekend: What did we learn?

Image: British Heavyweight Weekend: What did we learn?By Paul McT: Both Tyson Fury and David Price were in action over the last two days, both came away with a win but what did each fight say about how far these prospects have come?

Friday night boxing in Britain is uncommon, but a welcome addition nonetheless. Friday’s action was interesting, with Price fighting a tough weathered fighter in Matt Skelton, and Andrew ”Freddie” Flintoff  facing off against Richard Dawson, a fellow novice. The less said about the Flintoff fight the better, although I myself appreciate the publicity boxing received.

David Price: More of the same

Yet another brutal knockout victory for the softly spoken Price showcased his power, again. As impressive as his power is, the recent lack of rounds is dangerous, we have yet to see him being pushed or even have his defence tested.

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Fringe contenders to Wladimir Klitschko’s titles: The Ignored Contenders

Image: Fringe contenders to Wladimir Klitschko's titles: The Ignored Contenders2012 was quite a busy year for Wladimir Klitschko. The quality of the opposition he faced was  poor as  Jean Marc Mormeck, Tony Thompson and Mariusz Wach are hardly considered exciting match ups. Amongst the supposed mismatches the Polish warrior Mariusz Wach was the sole surprise, in a lopsided 12 round beating he showed a granite chin and seemingly unbreakable resolve.  He could be the fighter to watch for 2013.

Klitschko also lost a great friend and mentor in Emmanuel Steward. Nothing I can say could begin to capture the magic behind this man, and his effect on Wladimir,Lewis and Hearns in the past. The loss of a mentor is painful, although this was shown to be a motivator for Wladimir and also Jonathan Banks who won a surprise 2nd round KO against American prospect Seth Mitchell.

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