Fundora: Ryan Garcia Will Lose Fans if PED Allegations Are True

By KenWoods123 - 05/05/2024 - Comments

WBO junior middleweight champion Sebastian Fundora says Ryan Garcia will lose a lot of fans if his positive tests for performance-enhancing drugs [PEDs] turn out to be true from his last fight against Devin Haney on April 20th.

Fundora is a fighter that Ryan is hoping to fight for his WBO 154-lb title, but that can’t happen until he’s cleared of his PED situation.

Garcia: ‘It’s a Conspiracy!’

Ryan (25-1, 20 KOs) is denying that he used any PEDs, and he feels it’s a conspiracy with him being made look dirty by people after defeating a fighter on his way to superstardom.

Many fans believe Ryan wasn’t supposed to beat Haney, and management made a mistake choosing the wrong fighter. This was never supposed to happen. They feel something is fishy about the whole thing, feeling Ryan was set up to help make Haney’s embarrassing loss disappear.

If enough fans think Ryan was transformed into Superman with the help of PEDs, Haney’s loss will be forgotten.

Haney: The Carefully Managed Star

Haney had been matched carefully his entire career up to this point, steered around the talented fighters young enough to beat him at 135 and 140.

Ryan had likely been well-vetted and deemed a safe choice for Haney to fight. Unfortunately, his management chose wrong, and it blew up in their faces, with Ryan winning.

Now that Haney has been beaten, we see Ryan suddenly pop dirty out of nowhere, and his promoter is talking about having his loss overturned, resetting his record back to the unbeaten fighter. Haney’s odometer reset to zero, and he’ll be repackaged.

When you consider it from a business standpoint, you can understand where Ryan is coming from. Money-wise, it’s important for Haney to stay unbeaten and continue to be marketed as the best fighter at 140.

Haney is being repackaged as this invincible force at light welterweight, and the money continues to pour in as it did before.

Fundora: “It’s Not Good”

“I hope it’s not true because that was a good win for him. If it is, that’s very disappointing,” Sebastian Fundora told Fight Hub TV about Ryan Garcia’s positive PED tests. “He proved a lot of people wrong. So to hear something like that, it’s not good.

“They’re going to get suspended. They already have those punishments,” said Fundora on what should happen to fighters that test positive for PEDs. “A lot of fans are going to lose interest in him. A cheater is a cheater. It’s not good,” said Fundora about Ryan.

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