Devin Haney’s Career: The “Un-Loss” That’ll Ruin Him

By Jamie Eskdale - 05/13/2024 - Comments

Devin Haney is asking for trouble trying to get the “0” put back on his record by having his attorney send a letter to the New York Commission. The fans are going to roast Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) non-stop for the rest of his career if that “0” is put back and he doesn’t need that grief.

Embrace the L and Learn

Haney should just take the loss and figure out a way to avoid getting his chin checked in future fights because what Ryan Garcia did to him will happen against other fighters if he doesn’t duck punchers for the remainder of his career.

If the New York Commission gives Garcia an “L” and hands Haney a pity win, it’s going to be open season on him by fans, who will laugh at him as someone who can’t accept a loss.

Even if Haney’s team succeeds in restoring his unbeaten record, he’ll lose to someone soon anyway if he focuses on fighting popular fighters with ability.

Devin’s loss to Ryan Garcia showed that he doesn’t have the chin to beat fighters with power, and he’s going to have the same problem going up against the other killers at 140.

Haney’s team has three things they’re presenting to the New York Commission to have the loss erased:

1. Weight manipulation
2. Positive PED test
3. IV use

Putting that “0” back on is like trying to unspill milk. It’s too late, and it won’t make a bit of difference. The only ones who will care about Haney’s record are fans who follow boxing closely, and they’re not going to accept or respect him if his unbeaten record is artificially reinstated.

Casual fans don’t search for records, and won’t care if Haney is undefeated. The only way they’ll take notice of one of Haney’s fights is if he’s fighting a popular fighter, like Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis or Isaac Cruz.

I think Haney should just leave the loss from the Ryan Garcia fight last April and treat it like a permanent tattoo. He’s got to improve his game because Ryan exposed flaws that ain’t going to go away by having his zero magically put back on by complaining to the New York Commission.