Regis Prograis Details Weight Manipulation in Devin Haney Fight, Sees Ryan Garcia Win as “Karma”

By @James_theGrad - 04/22/2024 - Comments

Former WBA/WBC light welterweight champion Regis Prograis revealed that Devin Haney put a rehydration limit on him for their fight last December, while Haney rehydrated to whatever he wanted.

Prograis Alleges Haney Imposed Rehydration Restrictions

Prograis also stated that Haney might have used IV’s to rehydrate to 166 lbs after tye weigh-in to come in really huge for their fight. Regis sees Haney’s loss to Ryan Garcia last Saturday night as karma justice. Prograis says he doesn’t have proof of Haney using an IV, but he suspects that was the case.

“He said he’s going up to 147. I respect him because he’s shifting boxing right now. Ryan Garcia is shifting boxing,” said Regis Prograis to the MillCity Boxing YouTube channel, talking about Ryan Garcia after his win over Devin Haney last Saturday night.

Ryan made it clear a long time ago that titles don’t matter to him. He just wants the biggest fights, and he sees belts as trapping his freedom, forcing him to fight no-name opposition, and paying exorbitant sanctioning fees to hold the titles.

Ryan doesn’t want to be confined by holding a belt, and that’s kind of how Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Oscar De La Hoya were near the ends of their careers. When a fighter achieves a certain level of fame, they’re above titles.

“He’s [Ryan] not fighting for belts and he’s making a lot of money, so why even care about the belts because you’re making so much money?” said Prograis. “He didn’t even care. ‘I’m going to have my [weight]. You’re not going to have that advantage over me,’ because that weight s*** really makes a difference,” Prograis continues about Ryan choosing to blow off the 140-lb weight by coming in heavy at 143.2 lbs at the weigh-in for his fight against Haney.

“They say weight divisions exist for a reason. So, with him, Tank f**** over him [Ryan] because he made him stay at a certain weight [with the 10-lb rehydration limit along with the 136-lb catchweight]. So, Tank did that to him, and so he did that s*** to Devin.”

Ryan was so drained for the Tank Davis fight, he made up his mind that he would never let that happen to him again. So, when Ryan blew off making weight for his fight with Haney, that was a reflection of his not wanting to be drained again.

Ideally, Ryan should have just agreed in the contract to make the fight with Haney at 143-lb catchweight, but I think he thought he could make 140 and didn’t realize how difficult it would be.

IV Use Suspected in Haney’s Fight Night Weight

“He learned about that. He did that s*** to Devin. To bring my s*** up. Devin kind of did that s*** to me. In my contract, I wasn’t supposed to be over a certain weight. I can’t prove that he did the IVs and stuff like that, but he did get really f**** big,” said Prograis.

“He was like from 140 to 166. That’s a big difference. Usually, you don’t get like that without an IV. In my contract, he wasn’t supposed to do that, and I can’t prove he did it or not. I don’t know. Whatever it is, he still was way bigger.”

Prograis states that he doesn’t have proof that Haney used an IV, but he feels it was odd that he put on 26 lbs overnight after making weight for their fight at 140.

Karma Comes Full Circle

“It’s like a karma thing. That’s the way I look at it. Now, Ryan did it to him. The same s*** that he did to me, Ryan did to him on a way worse level. All that karma s***. Tank did it to you. Devin did it to me, and now Ryan did it to you.

“Well, Tank did it to Ryan, Ryan did it to Devin and Devin did it to me. All the weight s***. It’s all about the advantages. Every advantage that you can get, that’s what they do. I just feel that karma s*** is real and that’s just how it go,” said Prograis.

Haney’s loss has less to do with karma and more to do with Ryan being too power and fast for him in the fight. Ryan is a much better fighter in the pro ranks than he was when he fought Haney six times in the amateurs.

Also, with Ryan being at his full weight instead of drained down to 135, looking like a twig, he’s stronger while still being lightning fast. He’s like another De La Hoya.

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