Benavidez Blasts Canelo: “I’m Not Bowing Down for a Title Shot”

By Dan Ambrose - 04/04/2024 - Comments

David Benavidez bitterly ripped into superstar Canelo Alvarez, angry at having wasted years of his career chasing him without luck at getting the mega-payday that would have given him life-changing money, putting him on easy street.

In an interview with Fresh and Fit, the 27-year-old ‘Mexican Monster’ Benavidez (28-0, 24 KOs) sounded off on Canelo, mentally unloading his anguish and it disturbing to watch. How could Benavidez be so wrong about a person?

The Disrespect Problem

“With Canelo it’s that bulls***, ‘Oh, he needs to be respectful,'” Benavidez fumed to Fresh And Fit. ” I’m not going to bow my knee to nobody because I’ve earned my shot.”

Benavidez’s comment about not needing to be “respectful” to Canelo is probably one of the reasons he’s not been given a fight. He just feels that he’s above and beyond having to act respectfully to the superstar Canelo, who has earned his stripes through years of outstanding boxing accomplishments. He’s called the “King” of the sport for a reason.

Surprisingly, Benavidez could be so obtuse when it comes to Canelo, and that’s sad to see how he doesn’t get it, even now after years. You would have thought that Benavidez would have figured out long ago that he was using a ham-handed approach to getting a fight against Canelo by trash-talking him.

Clueless about Canelo

“He gave the opportunity to Jaime Munguia, who hasn’t done nothing. The excuse Canelo gave was, ‘Oh because he’s been really respectful.’ Like bro, get the f*** out of here,” said Benavidez.

Munguia likely got the fight against Canelo for these three reasons:

1. Being respectful
2. Fan interest
3. Outstanding resume

Benavidez may not realize it, but it’s important to Canelo that his opponents respect him because he’s giving them a huge gift. They’re getting the opportunity to share the ring with a legend, receive a lot of attention worldwide that will shape their careers, and make millions.

Look at how Canelo changed the lives of John Ryder and Jermell Charlo. Both fighters made enough money to retire and live comfortably for the rest of their lives, and they were both respectful to him.

Painful to Witness

Unlike fighters who are accustomed to not getting their way in important money fights, Benavidez didn’t seem tormented by Canelo’s refusal to give him fights. It was immediately obvious that Benavidez couldn’t handle someone saying ‘NO’ to him and had him tied in knots.

He looked like a big, spoiled kid, having a temper tantrum at not getting his way for once and unable to make sense of the rejection.