$80 for Haney – Garcia? Boxing Fans Cry Highway Robbery

By Jamie Eskdale - 04/03/2024 - Comments

Fans are dealing with sticker shock after hearing about the $80 PPV cost for the Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia event on DAZN. The diehard loyalists of these two are going into meltdown at the price of this card and it’s understandable.

Mystery Undercard = Maxed Out Credit Cards

It’s still unclear who will be fighting on the undercard because it hasn’t been announced yet, but it will have to be loaded with big names to lure the many fans who are already balking at ordering the event.

The undercard is a total mystery, and it seems bizarre to list a steep price tag, without revealing the other fights.

Fans aren’t just going to purchase the event for $80 just to see the non-crowd pleaser Haney defend his WBC light welterweight title against Garcia without knowing who is on the undercard.

The Undercard Better Be Stacked… or Else

For the price the promoters are charging for this event, the undercard had better be filled with top-of-the-tree-level talent, or this event will be another PPV disaster.

Of the two, Haney can least afford that to happen after the 30K his last fight reportedly brought in against Regis Prograis, hence the ‘Mr. 30K’ monicker.

While the Haney vs. Ryan fight is a good one, charging $80 is seen as a crime by people on social media. The price just screams piggishness and desperation.

The fact that the tickets aren’t selling for Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York this fight is a bad omen that the card is going to be a PPV flop.

A Desperate Plea: Save This PPV!


1. Announce stacked undercard

2. Slash PPV prices in half: Apart from announcing a loaded card, which is unlikely, the promoters could take the high road and slash PPV and ticket prices to half off. That might prime the pump to entice fans to purchase tickets and/or order it on DAZN PPV.

$40 isn’t too bad, but that’s still way too high for this fight without two or three good undercard fights.