Tonight’s Live Boxing Results: Jake Paul vs. Bourland, Serrano vs. Meinke

By Amy A Kaplan - 03/02/2024 - Comments

Amanda Serrano  vs. Nina Meinke has been cancelled!: The showdown between Serrano and Meinke is a no-go, thanks to a pesky eye condition that decided to play referee. After a medical check-up threw a red flag, the doc’s verdict was clear: Serrano isn’t fit to step into the ring this time.

– In a scene that’s becoming all too familiar, Jake Paul chalks up another victory, this time sending Ryan Bourland packing before the fans could even settle into their seats. Bourland, stepping back into the limelight for the first time since September 2022, probably wished he’d extended his break a little longer.

From the get-go, Paul was all over Bourland like a bad suit, slicing through his defense with jabs as if saying, “Let’s make this quick, I’ve got places to be.” He wasn’t just content with the jab fest; no, he had to show off the full repertoire, mixing in a hefty right hook to the body just for kicks.

Paul, perhaps mistaking Bourland for a heavy bag, worked him over with a jab to the midsection followed swiftly by an uppercut, as if he were following a YouTube tutorial on boxing basics. Bourland, on wobbly legs and looking like he’d just stepped off a roller coaster, was a sitting duck. Cornered and bombarded, he could do little more than weather the storm of fists Paul was raining down on him.

The ref, probably feeling a mix of pity and boredom, decided enough was enough and called it quits on Bourland’s behalf. And there was Paul, basking in the glory of his first-round knockout, celebrating as if he’d just taken down the heavyweight champs Fury and Usyk in a double feature on the same night.

“I was hoping for more of a tussle with Bourland,” Paul remarked, displaying a rare glimpse of sportsmanship or perhaps just a keen sense of showmanship. It’s hard to tell with Paul, who often blurs the lines between genuine fighter and entertainment provocateur.

But the real joke came when Paul, not one to shy away from lofty ambitions, called out and set his sights on a colossal figure in the boxing world: Canelo Alvarez.

–  Jonathan Gonzalez managed to hold onto his WBO junior flyweight title against Rene Santiago, thanks to the grace of the judges’ scorecards. The final tallies read  116-112, 115-113, and 117-111, all in his favor, sparking a unanimous decision that had some scratching their heads. Ihad Santiago winning a close one.

The fight trudged along until round 10, when Gonzalez decided to throw something resembling a one-two punch, a fleeting moment of action in a sea of yawns. Santiago, seemingly on a mission to herd Gonzalez into the ropes like cattle, pressed on. Gonzalez, for his part, seemed quite content playing along, offering up a jab that wouldn’t swat a fly, leading to the inevitable clinch—boxing’s version of a awkward hug.

As we stumbled into round 11, Santiago decided to liven things up with a series of body shots, pulling Gonzalez into yet another clinch, because why not? Gonzalez, seizing a rare moment of ambition, broke free with a right hand, teasing the crowd with what looked like an attempt at a fight. Santiago, unfazed, dove back into the belly of the beast with more body shots, turning the heat up as we entered the so-called championship rounds.

The fight then turned into a dance of clinches, low blows, and brief flurries of punches that were more about quantity than quality. Santiago, in a last-ditch effort to sway the judges, unleashed a combo that actually made contact, a novel concept for the evening. Gonzalez, not to be completely outdone, tried to rally with some face shots that had the precision of a drunk texting.

In the grand finale, both fighters, perhaps out of mutual respect for the audience’s patience, exchanged a series of blows. Gonzalez, in a desperate bid to remind everyone why he’s the champ, pieced together some combinations that were too little, too late. Santiago, with his back against the ropes, managed to dish out a few good ones, leaving us with a parting shot that had some wondering what could have been.

As the dust settled and Gonzalez’s hand was raised, the victory felt as satisfying as a soggy sandwich. Despite the judges’ scorecards, some of us were left pondering an alternate reality where Santiago edged out a win in this clinch-filled ballet.

17-year-old Wanna Walton, barely old enough to drive and boasting a fighting resume with one whole KO, stepped into the ring against 32-year-old Joshua Torres. Torres, sporting an awe-inspiring record of 0-1-1, brings to the table the kind of experience you can only get from, well, not winning. Their clash in the super featherweight division was nothing short of legendary, stretching over four rounds of what can only be described as a masterclass in mediocrity. After four boring rounds, the judges couldn’t quite decide if youth or experience won the day. So, they called it a draw, probably just to get out of there.

 – Krystal Rosado secured a victory over Gloria Munguilla by majority decision, with scores of 38-38, 40-36, and 40-36.

Christopher Diaz sent Headley Scott packing with a sizzling second-round TKO – talk about a short workday!

–  Omar Pacheco and Christopher Ortiz couldn’t quite settle their differences, ending up in a majority draw that had the judges scratching their heads (39-37, 38-38, 38-38).

Elijah Flores decided he had places to be, wrapping things up with Alejandro Munera via a fourth-round TKO. Efficiency at its finest!

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