Tim Bradley: Ryan Garcia “Crying Out for Help” as Fight Implodes

By Robert Segal - 03/05/2024 - Comments

Tim Bradley worries about Ryan Garcia’s mental health and commitment to his April 20th title fight against WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney.

Bradley feels that Ryan doesn’t want to box, and he’s holding on because he enjoyed living the celebrity lifestyle, and he’s making a lot of money.

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He notes that Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) doesn’t appear to be training for his fight next month against Haney, and he doesn’t think the fight is going to happen. It’ll be canceled, and that’s what a lot of boxing fans believe as well.

It’s surprising that DAZN hasn’t already pulled the plug on the fight already, considering they had to have noticed Ryan’s behavior.

For them not to, one could view that as a sign that they don’t want to lose out on all the money and new subscribers that would be rolling in. There’s no one else that can bring in the kind of buys for DAZN like Ryan.

He’s Not a Fighter, He’s a Celebrity”

“Ryan Garcia is not a fighter. He’s a celebrity, and Hollywood will have their way with him. It’s sad because there’s nobody there that’s close to him that’s going to tell him the truth and help guide him,” said Tim Bradley to Probox TV, talking about Ryan Garcia, who is mentally imploding since last Sunday.

“He knows he’s going wrong, and that’s the reason why he’s always bringing up God. I think he’s crying out for help because he really doesn’t want to do this. He just wants the money, and he loves the celebrity lifestyle, but he really doesn’t want to box,” Bradley continued about Ryan.

Recognizing Inner Turmoil

“You can tell by his voice by the way he’s talking that he’s nervous. You can feel the anxiety in his speech. Again, he doesn’t want to do this. He enjoys the money part of it. He makes a ton of money outside of boxing. He doesn’t really have to do this, but he seems forced to do it.

“He’s heading down the wrong path. It’s almost sad. I don’t think this fight will happen,” said Bradley about the Devin Haney vs. Ryan fight scheduled for April 20th on DAZN PPV. “I look at his face and his physique. He doesn’t seem like he’s training. He’s going to get seriously hurt if he keeps acting in this fashion,” said Bradley.

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