Spence: The Smart Choice for Tszyu – Fundora Winner

By Nationvegas - 03/29/2024 - Comments

Errol Spence has an excellent chance of fighting the winner of Saturday’s match between WBO junior middleweight champion Tim Tszyu and Sebastian Fundora.

The superstar Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) has thrown his hat into the ring to be the next opponent for the Tszyu-Fundora winner, saying on social media, “Headed to Vegas 🦈 I want the winner!! #TszyuFundora.”

Tszyu has already said that he’ll base his next move on who brings him the biggest money. If Fundora is victorious on Saturday, he would likely go in the direction of a rematch with Tszyu unless the money is better in a fight against Spence.

Spence’s Enduring Appeal

Spence is the bigger money fight for Fundora and Tszyu, and it’s a much easier one to make than a match against WBO mandatory Terence Crawford. He’s the other option for the Tszyu vs. Fundora clash winner.

Although Spence is coming off a loss to Crawford, he’s still one of the biggest draws in boxing, and fans won’t abandon him just because he was wiped out in that fight. Dealing with Spence would be less complicated for Tszyu than with Crawford, who could be a nightmare.

Spence remains a popular fighter despite the defeat, and more importantly, he will likely be much easier to negotiate with than Crawford. Negotiations with Spence would be less painful for Tszyu than Crawford.

Negotiations Made Easy

Tszyu has very little patience for long, drawn-out negotiations, and he would not put up with investing an extended amount of time going back and forth trying to bang out a deal against Crawford.

Ultimately, Crawford may price himself out for a fight against Tszyu or be too difficult to negotiate with because he has dragged it out and stalled it into oblivion.

Crawford, 36, is nearing the end of his career, so he can afford to have negotiations that last eight to twelve months because he’s retiring soon. Terence is already ancient, so it doesn’t matter if he negotiates for ages because he’ll be hanging up his gloves very soon.

In Tszyu’s case, he’s in the prime of his career and doesn’t want to invest a solid year going back and forth with Crawford, laboriously trying to piece together a deal.