Saudi Money: Key to Canelo vs. Benavidez in November?

By Dan Ambrose - 03/21/2024 - Comments

David Benavidez’s promoter, Sampson Lewkowicz, believes that Canelo Alvarez’s asking price of $175 million can be met for a fight between the two stars by November, but not September, and that will require the Saudis. Lewkowicz doesn’t say who would come up with the $175M for Canelo’s purse demand, but he feels confident it can happen.

He says that if Canelo (60-2-2, 39 KOs) wants $60-100 million, the fight with Benavidez can happen in September because it wouldn’t require a six-city press tour to drum up business for the fight.

Realistic Financial Path

The money that Canelo is asking for is likely well beyond what PBC or Amazon Prime PPV would be able to pay him. It would require the Saudis to step in and come up with the finances.

With Tyson Fury expected to get $200 million from the Saudis for his fight against Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua, it’s possible that they could make the Canelo-Benavidez fight a reality.

Lewkowicz’s Stance

“I believe he will get the $175 million, and he will fight him,” said promoter Sampson Lewkowicz to Fighthype about his belief that Canelo Alvarez will fight David Benavidez after his asking price is met with him wanting 150-200 million.

“It would be shameful for boxing and destroy part of our sport if he doesn’t fight Benavidez. So, now we know the price. Now we need to find to get the money, but he’s very smart, a very good businessman, Canelo. I believe he deserves 150 [million]. I don’t know if he’ll reach 200, but 150, why not?

“Mayweather did it, and he followed the blueprint of Mayweather. Don’t underestimate it any longer. I don’t know about September because if he [Benavidez] fights in June, he will not fight in September. I will not allow that, but November is a good time to do that fight.

“Regardless, it’s too soon because in a fight like that, you need to go to six cities, including Mexico, flights, hotels, and you lose a month of training because you deserve to get five or six months to go and pay the 150 million.

“You cannot pay the 150 million supposedly in two months and a half. If he wants $150 million, it can happen in November. If he wants 60 to 100, it can happen in September because you don’t need to go to six cities to make that money, but if you want 150, you need to work for that. The TV will not agree on three months’ notice. There’s no way the TV. We are the promoters, but the money comes from the TV, not from us,” said Lewkowicz.

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