Ryan Garcia’s Meltdown: Eddie Hearn Worried, Haney Frustrated

By Nationvegas - 03/22/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia’s odd behavior outside of the ring has Devin Haney’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, concerned, hoping his trainer, Oscar De La Hoya, and parents will decide whether he’s fit to fight on April 20th. Ryan’s behavior is a dumpster fire.

Hearn says his fighter, WBC light welterweight champion Haney (31-0, 15 KOs), isn’t “overly happy” with what’s going on with Ryan, given the potential of all the time he’s spent training for the clash going down the drain if he’s pulled out.

Haney Pays the Price for Risky Choices

Hearn and Devin should have had their eyes open before choosing Ryan because it’s not as if they weren’t aware of his past mental problems. They chose him anyway over fighters:

  • Subriel Matias
  • Arnold Barboza Jr.
  • Shakur Stevenson

That decision could bite them on their collective backsides if Ryan needs to be pulled from the fight to get mental help. Hearn feels that if Ryan is pulled now, he could have been removed four weeks ago. The problems have been visible for many weeks now.

Hearn raises the Alarm

“I saw Ryan Garcia doing his sprints this morning and his sparring. We only see what’s posted on social media,” said promoter Eddie Hearn to iFL TV about Ryan Garcia’s behavior ahead of his fight against WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney on April 20th.

“Is his behavior concerning? Probably, yes, but how is he looking in the gym? Derrick James is a very respectful trainer. I don’t believe he would let Ryan Garcia go into a fight if he wasn’t 100%,” Hearn continued.

Haney gambled on a troubled fighter, looking at the fame and money he could make. This could have been avoided if Devin and Hearn had steered clear of Ryan and chosen another fighter.

“Oscar De La Hoya shouldn’t be letting Ryan Garcia go into this fight if he’s not 100% physically and mentally,” said Hearn. “The family shouldn’t. So, you’ve got to trust the people around him to make the right decision.

“The fact that he’s still in the fight with four weeks’ to go, you’ve probably got to think he’s going to be in the fight. I don’t think Devin is overly happy. Devin is training. I said to him the other night, ‘You just got to do what you do.’

Hearn Tries to Sound Diplomatic

“Devin is the ultimate professional. He will never cut a corner. He’s on it mentally all the time. The only thing we’re afraid of is this fight gets pulled. Devin is left with no fight, and has spent all that money on camp, all that energy on camp for a guy that was never going to get in the ring in the first place,” said Hearn.

In other words, Hearn is worried that Ryan flakes at the last second, leaving Haney hanging, needing to use Barboza Jr. as the poor replacement. That translates to another PPV disaster for Haney, who isn’t a pay-per-view attraction, and neither is Barboza.

“If he gets pulled now between now and the fight, he should have been pulled four weeks ago. So, hopefully, he makes it in the ring,” Hearn said about Ryan. “He’s got some good people around him that know the sport. Let’s hope they make the right decision, and if the right decision is for him to fight, fantastic.”

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