Ryan Garcia’s ex-wife Concerned about Him, Says He’s Not OK

By Nationvegas - 03/04/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia’s ex-wife Drea Celin has posted on social media that she worries about him.  She said that he’s “heavily oppressed” right now. It’s possible meant that Ryan is depressed, not “oppressed.” She’s concerned about Ryan and wants people to ‘pray” for him.

It’s not looking good for Ryan’s next fight against WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney for their April 20th headliner on DAZN PPV. If Ryan can’t make it to the fight due to his problems, the promoters for the event will need to have Arnold Barboza Jr. replace Ryan for this fight date.

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Ryan can always face Haney later on once he deals with his issues. Haney won’t be happy if Ryan is pulled from the fight, but what can you do if that’s how it has to be?

Fans have already been predicting that Ryan will eventually pull out of the fight since last week when he talked about smoking and drinking during his press conference in New York.

When he made that comment, it seemed obvious that he wouldn’t make it to the fight. The other that seemed telling was how Ryan was so tired during the press conference, and looking haggered.

On Sunday, Ryan had made a cryptic post on X, which many followers believed him being attacked or even killed. “We slit RG throat and through him in a basket. Nobody will find him,” the message said. However, Ryan’s dad, Henry Garcia, said this on Instagram: “Yes, Ryan is okay; he’s just trolling the wrong way.”

So, Henry is saying Ryan is “OK” and just “trolling,” his his ex-wife says there’s something wrong with him right now, and she’s worried.

Call for Prayer and Support

From Ryan’s ex-wife Drea Celina, on social media:

“If all my followers, who are believers, can you please pray for Ryan? We are not together, and I’ve been in contact with him. He may seem fine, but he is not. I know in my heart that he is being heavily oppressed. This is not a troll. I am genuinely concerned, and so are all his family members. We are not part of any of this, but this is real. Pray for him.”

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