Ryan Garcia Says Devin Haney Clash Still Happening, But Questions Linger

By @James_theGrad - 03/04/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia quashed speculation that his April 20th fight with Devin Haney would be canceled, telling his fans today on social media that it’s “still on,” letting them know to purchase tickets.

Fans Relieved, But Confused

Ryan’s post today on social media, confirming that his fight with WBC light welterweight champion Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) is still on for April 20th, gives fans a sense of relief that the match will to go ahead without a hitch for their headliner on DAZN PPV at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Stull, many fans are left scratching their heads, wondering what was there reason behind Ryan’s cryptic post from yesterday, and whether it was a sign that he’s not able to keep his mental facilities together at all times.

If Ryan is going to have off-and-on episodes where he’s all there, fans may be hesitant to purchase tickets or order his fight with Haney on DAZN PPV. The last thing that fans need is to invest money in a fight that could get canceled before April 20th and then get refunded.

Shakur Stevenson had already thrown his name in the hat to act as a substitute to replace Ryan to challenge Haney for his WBC 140-lb title, and there was a huge amount of interest from boxing fans in seeing that match.

Some would argue that there’s more excitement about a Haney vs. Shakur fight than the Haney-Garcia clash, as Devin would likely be the underdog against Stevenson. Of course, Haney and Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie HIearn wouldn’t likely agree to use Shakur as a substitute because that would involve a cross-promotional and cross-network situation.

Did the Strategy Backfire?

It’s believed that Ryan’s cryptic post from last Sunday was a misguided strategy to generate more excitement and intrigue in his fight against Haney.

The idea would be that if people thought Ryan was being stalked by devil worshipers who were trying to harm him, it would get people more amped up in his fight with Haney.

However, rather than it creating more interest, it had the reverse effect with people worrying about Ryan’s mental and physical well-being.