Bill Haney Blasts Ryan Garcia’s ‘Mental Health Antic,’ Confident in Devin’s KO Power

By Robbie Bannatyne - 03/22/2024 - Comments

Devin Haney’s father, Bill Haney, views Ryan Garcia’s peculiar behavior that he suddenly adopted during the first press conference in New York is an acting job to attempt to throw Dev off his game for their April 20th fight.

Bill sees through Ryan’s “ploy” and he says Devin will be at 100%, ready to successfully defend his WBC light welterweight title on DAZN PPV at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

If Bill is correct about his suspicions, Ryan would be better served to drop the act and focus on promoting the fight without feigning mental illness. That act, if that’s what it is, hasn’t created more interest in his fight with Haney.

If anything, it’s taken away interest in the fight, making boxing fans less willing to purchase the event because they don’t want to waste their money on a mismatch between a mental basketcase and a world champion.

“A Ploy to Get Us Off Our Game”

“We feel it’s a ploy on Garcia’s team to get us off of our game. So, we dug down even deeper,” said Bill Haney to Fight Hub TV about Ryan Garcia acting mentally unhinged in the last month since the New York press conference.

There is a possibility that Ryan is suffering from some sort of mental disturbance that has kicked in due to the stress involved with him taking a tough fight that he’s expected to lose against Haney.

“I don’t think the Commission is going to pull the fight, not with the way he’s [Ryan] working,” said Bill. “I know he’s acting, and it’s unfortunate that he’s using the mental health route as an antic because there are people in the world who are suffering from mental illness. That’s not deterring us.”

It would be especially bad for Haney and Bill if the Commission pulls Ryan from the fight due to his behavior, as that would mean that Dev would need to face replacement opponent Arnold Barboza Jr. That’s arguably tougher fight for Haney, and there will be fewer PPV buys with Ryan off the April 20th card.

Knockout Potential: Devin’s Key to Victory

“Devin is on another level with his preparation and his skillset. The power is there. He’s always had the power to keep his opponents honest. Devin can stop anyone in or around the division,” Bill Haney said.

“He’s a pure master boxer, so he’s aware of his surroundings in the ring at all times. Can he put Ryan to sleep? Absolutely. Right hand over the top,” said Bill on how does Devin knockout Ryan.

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