Benavidez Fires Back: Canelo’s $150 Million Demand Mocked

By Sean Jones - 03/20/2024 - Comments

David Benavidez reacted angrily to Canelo Alvarez’s comment that he has nothing to offer and wants “150-200 million” for a fight.

Benavidez made it clear that he views Canelo’s remark as disingenuous, given his huge asking price to face him. Canelo (62-2-2, 39 KOs) may not have realized it then, but he betrayed his fear by asking for such an absurd amount of money for the fight.

“Nothing to Offer?”

“Canelo, if I have nothing to offer, then why are you demanding that you get 150-200 million to fight someone who isn’t worth anything? Hopefully, after you make that 150 million, you have enough left over to buy a pair of nuts,” said David Benavidez on Instagram.

The huge financial number that Canelo is asking for is seen as his way to duck the fight with Benavidez by pricing himself out to swerve the Mexican Monster, who is a big problem for him due to the pressure he and his fans are putting on him.

Canelo views Benavidez as a high-risk opponent with insufficient financial reward for him to take the fight; hence, the price tag is “150-200 million.” However, the problem will not go away for Canelo asking for that amount of dough, as the fans will continue to pressure him, and the media will continually bring up Benavidez’s name.

Benavidez could Outgrow 168 Soon

What could make this stop is if Benavidez outgrows the 168-lb division, which could happen soon. He’s already rumored to be rehydrating to the low 190s for his fights at super middleweight, and he looks like he’s at death’s door when he makes weight for his fights.

He’s killing himself to make 168 pounds and fighting to stay at the weight long enough to get the Canelo payday. At some point, Benavidez will need to give up and move to light heavyweight or cruiserweight instead of wasting his career, praying for Canelo to give him the fight.