The Maturation of Ryan Garceezy

By Boxing News - 02/06/2024 - Comments

By The Sandman: Let me be clear. In this article, I am going to be talking about boxing’s biggest superstar in the last 200 years, Ryan Garcia.


Ever since Ryan went on that run with Floyd, the boxing world has turned upside down. Never in the history of earth has someone accumulated so much power by running next to someone with power.

Since lacing up his running shoes, Ryan has realized that he’s the A-side to every potential fight out there. In Ryan’s mind, he is the A-side to a Donald Trump general election race. And this is saying a lot because Donald Trump seems to be the current A-side in that race.

Ryan Garcia talks with so much confidence lately that it is too sexy. When he found out that Romero vs. Pitbull was happening, he let us all know that he was “losing his patience”. This can’t be good.

Ever since being the B-Side to Tank, Ryan is now the sole face on boxing’s Mt Rushmore.

In the recent PBD podcast, Ryan Garceezy accused Oscar De La Hoya of “letting the bulls*** get to him.” If by bulls***, Ryan means letting the childhood trauma of pursuing a grown man’s sport, abusive parents, and other obstacles that were commonly found in low-income Hispanic families in East Los Angeles in the 80s, then sure. Oscar let the bulls*** get to him.

But Imagine, for one split second, Oscar De La Hoya dancing on Instagram live at the age of 18?! De La Hoya senior would’ve scalped Oscar right there in the very same livestream for all of us to watch. Or, in those days, Oscar would’ve ended up in one of those Faces of Death videos.

No, instead, Oscar De La Hoya won an Olympic gold medal.

By the time Oscar De La Hoya was a ripe 21, he was a two-division world champion. By 22 Oscar was a unified champion, by 26 a three-division world champion, and by 27 a four-division world champion.

Ryan Garceezy is 25 and no closer to winning a real-world title in his first weight class. After saying that world titles didn’t matter, the moment Ryan Garceezy won an interim, he posted a picture of himself with the interim title, looking like a real got damn stallion. Or pretend stallion, at least.

Oscar could’ve lost ten times in a row, and he would have been the A-side in most of his fights.

Ryan Garceezy’s biggest accomplishment after a life-time in this sport has been the B-Side to a Gervonta “Tank” Davis event. And because of it, Ryan is now talking on Twitter like he’s Al Haymon, proclaiming that certain fights will surely happen and that fans just have to wait for the announcement.

Suddenly, the opposite is happening, and we are now getting Romero vs. Pitbull. Ryan is aiming to sound like a shot-calling Michael Corleone, but every day that passes, he sounds more like a Fredo, allowing others to exploit him.

Seriously, before Tank, and since then, Ryan hasn’t sold a single PPV! How are you a boxing superstar and agree to a weight catch, rehydration clause, and 30% of the revenue!!! 30%!! What type of power move is that?

As a fan and as a person who honestly thought that Ryan would beat Tank, I don’t think there is a champion at 140 that Ryan could beat. If Ismael Barroso finally gets his shot against Rolly or Pitbull, I think he will win.

This will be Ryan’s only route to fighting for a his first championship at 26. I whole heartedly believe Ismael decapitates Ryan Garceezy. For 2% of the revenue, but still leaving Ryan what he wants to be so badly, the A-Side.