Spence Jr. Promises Swift Return, But Is It Realistic?

By KenWoods123 - 02/20/2024 - Comments

Errol Spence Jr. posted on social media that he’ll be returning after two more weeks following his eye surgery, making fans hopeful that he’ll return to the ring soon to resume his career.

Whether the 33-year-old former unified welterweight champion Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) can get back in the ring is questionable.

His eye injury, along with the punishment he took from his beat down last July against WBO champ Terence Crawford, could be too much for him.

“b back in 2 weeks,” said Spence on X last week.

Lingering Concerns

  • Eye surgery: Trying to come back from eye surgery could be a problem for Errol, given that he could suffer an additional injury once he starts taking headshots to the face.
  • Crawford blowout: The punishment that Errol took from Crawford was bad, and his confidence has to be shaken by that fight. Trying to return from a loss like that will be difficult for Spence.
  • Car crashes: Spence hasn’t looked the same since his horrifying car crash in 2019. It’s clear from his recent performances that he won’t return to the form he had in 2018 and earlier. When comparing those performances to how Spence looked in his fights with Crawford and Danny Garcia post-car crash, it’s like two different people. Spence is not the same.

Questioning the Unquestionable

The combination of the things that Spence has physically gone through in the last five years makes it difficult to see him returning to reclaim the form that he had before suffering these issues.

Errol’s comment about making a quick return sounds more like wishful thinking on his past, but even if he does, is it believable that he’ll be able to reclaim the fighter he was during his best years?

He hasn’t looked good post-car crash, and it’s not believable that he’ll find a way back to the fighter he was without stumbling upon the Fountain of Youth, which can return Errol to the fighter he was during the glory days of his career.