Shane Fury Denies Mole in Tyson’s Camp

By Charles Brun - 02/10/2024 - Comments

Shane Fury, the brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, denies that things weren’t going well for him in his recent training camp for his postponed undisputed match against IBF/WBA/WBO champ Oleksandr Usyk.

Shane further dismisses Johnny Nelson’s claim that a mole in Fury’s camp reported him being knocked around by sparring partners.

Whether the rumors are false, Shane can’t ignore Fury’s last performance against Francis Ngannou. He can’t deny what fans saw in that fight: a big, slow, easy-to-hit, faded-looking, fat mess Fury who was clearly beaten but given a questionable win.

Shane can’t put a spin on Fury’s last performance or excuse it away by blaming it on him being out of condition.

That fight exposed the 35-year-old Fury, showing his level. It made it clear to some that the only reason he’s been able to stay on top for the last five years is that he’s been matching him against weak opposition.

Fury’s last ten opponents

Francis Ngannou: Novice
Dereck Chisora: Domestic level
Dillian Whyte: Ditto
Deontay Wilder x 3: Not world-class
Otto Wallin: Fringe contender
Tom Schwarz: Non-contender
Francesco Pianeta: Ditto
Sefer Seferi: Ditto
Wladimir Klitschko: 40-years-old and not in his prime
Christian Hammer: Fringe contender

Casual fans obviously don’t have a clue that those fighters aren’t cutting-edge, which is why Fury is seen as the #1 fighter in their eyes. They don’t know anything about the sport.

“I heard the camp wasn’t going well, and he got dropped in sparring by Jai Opetaia, and somebody else is supposed to have [done it]. None of it ever happened,” said Shane Fury to Boxing King Media, denying that Tyson Fury had been dropped in sparring by cruiserweight Jai Opetaia and another sparring partner.

“If the information Johnny was saying was correct, then it would be worrying, but it’s quite comical.

“If it was true, it wouldn’t be nice because people in the camp, you’re supposed to trust them, and stuff like that shouldn’t get out, even if it did happen,” Shane continued.

“If Tyson knocked somebody out in sparring, and he’s knocked out plenty of people in sparring, you wouldn’t know because none of us would be saying it. So, things don’t get leaked.”

It doesn’t matter what Shane says. On May 18th, Fury will face his first true-quality fighter in his career when he battles Usyk, and it likely won’t end well for Tyson.

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