Ryan Garcia Slams Haney’s Ungratefulness: Biting the Hand That Feeds

By KenWoods123 - 02/23/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia fired back at Devin Haney, pointing out how ungrateful he is, biting the hand that feeds, by bad-mouthing him on social media after his comment about wanting to move the venue of their April 20th fight from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, to the MGM in Las Vegas.

Stunned by Betrayal

Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) was stunned by the ingratitude Haney showed him with his poisonous sniping on social media after he blessed the San Francisco, California native with the biggest money fight of his career.

Instead of Haney showing gratitude to the superstar Ryan Garcia, he took a shot at him on social media, implying that Kingry is trying to weasel out of their April 20th fight by wanting to move it to Las Vegas, where they would make even more money.

Some would argue that Haney should have been groveling and smothering Ryan with kindness for being given this great gift of a fight instead of being stabbed in the back.

“Why are you trying to paint that picture to the public, towards the guy who is making you more money in your life and in your entire career- Sad to see. That is real hoe behavior, which you learned from your dad, so I can’t blame you,” said Ryan Garcia on X, reacting to Devin Haney saying he wants to “escape” from their April 20th fight due to him wanting to move the location of the contest from New York to Las Vegas.

The Spark that Lit the Fire

Devin Haney’s comment that unleashed the dogs of war from Ryan Garcia: “This dude planning his escape..talks that tough talk but now talking like a [expletive].”

Ryan has to feel betrayed by Haney’s back-biting after the payday he’s given him out of the kindness of his heart. You can argue that without Ryan, Haney would be stuck trying to sell a fight on PPV against his WBC mandatory Sandor Martin, which would be a pure disaster, likely far worse than the 50K PPV buys Devin’s last fight against Regis Prograis brought in last December on DAZN.

Ryan recused Haney by offering him the fight because if he had gone ahead with the Martin clash, it would have bombed on PPV and undermined his future negotiations with other fighters.