Mickey Bey Backs Haney to Dominate: “Ryan Won’t Even Win a Round”

By KenWoods123 - 02/19/2024 - Comments

Former world champion Mickey Bey predicts an easy victory for WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney over Ryan Garcia on April 20th live on DAZN.

Bey says Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) won’t win a round and will take a beating from Haney, resulting in the referee stepping in to halt the fight in the ninth or tenth round.

The Safety-First Shift

Haney’s safety-first fighting style would preclude him scoring a knockout of Ryan, as he no longer brawls with his opponents after getting badly hurt in consecutive fights by Jorge Linares and Joseph ‘JoJo’ Diaz in 2021.

Those fights resulted in Haney narrowing the Shakur Stevenson style of fighting, which slowed his efforts at becoming a star. U.S. fans don’t like watching boring fighters, and Haney takes the cake in that category.

For that reason, Bey’s knockout prediction sounds unrealistic. Haney fights too scared to knock out Ryan or any top-tier fighter. Haney hasn’t knocked anyone out since his fourth-round stoppage of fringe 135-lb contender Zaur Abdullaev in 2019. That was five years ago.

Money Motivation for Garcia

“It’s already a built-in sellout with them two fighting. That’s good timing,” said Mickey Bey to MillCity Boxing about the April 20th contest between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia. “Ryan is going to want that bag. He’s going to want that money.

“We know Devin ain’t going nowhere. So, I definitely think it’s going to happen. Devin,’ said Bey when asked who he favors in the fight. “It ain’t even going to be close. He [Ryan] ain’t even going to win a round. I think he’s going to stop him.

Is the “Killer Instinct” Gone?

“He’s [Haney] going to beat him up, and the ref is going to have to jump in. I think the referee is going to have to stop it. I commend Ryan for taking this fight. He doesn’t bluff. He jumped right to it and got it done. I definitely commend Ryan for getting it done fast.

“I think Devin is going to beat him up and stop him in the ninth or tenth round. He’s got it. He could have it more,” said Bey when asked if Haney has the killer instinct. “Hit and not get hit was how he was taught.”

It would be a big surprise if Haney tries to knock out Ryan because he must put his chin on the line.

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